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First Look - Fall and Halloween Launch!

by Bonnie Kuhl 24 Sep 2021 43 Comments

Sorry for the wall of text! The Fall/Halloween launch is coming soon, which is super exciting but more on this later (it relates I promise!!).

I started Archer & Olive because I realized what an incredible resource art, journaling, and creativity can have on your mental health. And I wanted a platform to start talking about mental health. It’s NOT OK to me that people have to suffer in silence, or be told to suck it up, or it’s not real, or not have access to tools and support they need, or the 987234987 other reasons people aren’t able to get help. It’s been hard enough to cope with my mental health struggles. And I say this from a place of incredible privilege. I had family and friends who supported me, health insurance, and access to a therapist who understands. Not to mention I grew up where other factors like race or sexual orientation, or one of the 98273 other reasons - didn’t cause professionals to discriminate against me. I can promise you, if I didn’t have those my life would have gone a totally different direction. It keeps me up at night that others don’t have this kind of help. I know creativity is just a small piece in the mental health puzzle, but it’s the way I know how to help. 

We are just a small business (and on that note, I’d love to clear the air about what a small business is - I think sometimes as you get a bit larger people think you’re a lot bigger of an operation than you are). For the most part a small business is defined as under 50 employees and under $15M in revenue, both of which we fall far far (far!) under. I started in my house and garage filling orders at night. As I got a bit larger, I decided to work with a warehouse to fill orders to free up some of my time. They aren’t always the best (and every day I work towards making that better) but now the small team and I have time to focus on mission driven ideas. I get to work with employees all over the globe (who are being paid a liveable wage) and MANY (most) who have salaries more than I pay myself (which I do happily because no one builds a business without help from amazing people). All that to say, we don’t have the funding or fortune to do all I wish we could (and I mean that, I’m not getting rich off notebooks) - but I want to do what I can, in my small way, to help. So with ALLLLL that in mind, I wanted to do something that hopefully can help you all this launch. 


First, I’m going to offer free shipping starting on the 29th (day of fall launch) until the 1st for all domestic orders. (Well technically it's free shipping with a $10 minimum so you can still use coupon codes - but unless you're just getting a sheet of stickers you should hit that).  For those outside the US, I’m able to bring the free shipping threshold down to orders over $40. I HOPE that helps people! I WISH so much I could offer this every single day, but with rates going up and up and up and up every day - it would be impossible. This discount will be automatic, you should see it at checkout and be able to use affiliate codes, or other discounts :-).

If you are in need and can’t afford a notebook - please take one, no charge. I refuse to be part of the system that blocks people who don’t have money from getting access to things that could actually improve their life. I’ll be making a form on the 29th for anyone who could use a notebook but cannot afford it. In the past people have asked how they can donate to the cause - which is probably the best thing that comes out of this. The love that the community has for each other keeps me going! There is absolutely no need to donate. Y’all have the BEST hearts.  You are always welcome to donate to our Heart to Hand program, or pick up a spare book and gift it to someone in your life <3. 


PHEW! That was a lot! Anyway - have a great Friday. I’m super excited to see you on Wednesday (the 29th). 

 Dragon Bullet Journal

Wand Bullet Journal

Potions Bullet Journal

The Halloween notebooks available in both B5 and A5 with both White Pages and Black out pages. Once the Halloween notebooks are gone, they won't be coming back. 

Notebook Name

White Dot Grid

Black out Pages











The washi is ALSO super exciting!!! It's the only thing that hasn't arrived yet, and full transparency - it won't go live if it's not in the warehouse at launch time. BUT I expect it to be here Tuesday or wednesday. And if for some reason it doesn't get to launch with the rest - I will make sure it has free shipping so you don't have to pay twice <3


Halloween Washi Tape - glow in the dark

Halloween Washi Tape - glow in the dark



Potted Plant Bullet Journal
Teapot Bullet Journal

Raven Bullet Journal

The theme for fall is “familiars”. I have taken our popular Halloween themed Raven and brought (a similar design) it into an ongoing fall option. These familiars all have a special place in my heart (especially the cat and the tea!!)

I also have these designs in both B6 and B5 AND TRAVELERS!



The Travellers Sizes

Travellers Notebooks Fall



We have brand new stamps containing fall feeling themed items, as well as the familiars we have created for this launch! There is also a lovely basic journaling set that helps you set up your journal easily every week!

Fall Stamps

We have 2 new packs of fall washi and 6 new sticker sheets to choose from! 

Fall washi and stickers


Acrylograph Pens

These brand new colors are so exciting! They are the perfect match to our fall line up!

Fall Acrylograph

Calliograph Pens

What makes these pens really special? I have been working for over a year perfecting these! I wanted to create something that worked well with our paper, could be fun colors that matched our core rage. I wanted them to be versatile, for you to be able to use them to paint or color, use them daily or specifically for lettering.

The thick brush tip has been created with a super durable tip. Our thin brush is a medium tip which bends and flexes to make writing and lettering a breeze! You are also able to use the fine tip to add small details.

When we first released these in the sub box, we received a ton of feedback about the size of the box and the cost of the pens. We have reduced the size of the box and didn't include the practice sheets to bring the price down. The cost of the brush pens will be $35 per set. We are starting with our signature collection of Tropical and Jewel colors. These pens (unlike our sub box) will have the same colors on either end. We loved the idea of the sub box shading colors and may bring out more of those in the future.

Fall Calligoraph

Digital Fall Launch

As always, we know that not all our customers will want physical products and some of our customers love digital journaling and planning. For the fall launch we have released the following list of things:


  • Calliograph Style Brushes for Procreate
  • Fall Palette with 30 colors
  • New Fall Stamps with familiars
  • Lettering Practice Sheets
  • Digital Journal Pages


We are selling these as a full bundle or you can pick and choose which of these awesome digital items you would like.

Procreate fall release

Fall release procreate brushes

Fall procreate stamps

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21 Oct 2021 Giulia

Well I see it’s another collection where it’s quicker to write down what I DON’T want. Love you Bonnie and the Team!

21 Oct 2021 Giulia

Well I see it’s another collection where it’s quicker to write down what I DON’T want. Love you Bonnie and the Team!

21 Oct 2021 Cat

Are the cat and dog notebooks only lined? I was this close to picking what I wanted for January and then I noted the lines! Oh noooo! (Heh) this is all so gorgeous. And I LOVE that you made procreate brushes!! Those are a must have!

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