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Expressive Floral Art with Acrylograph Pens

by Guest Blogger 17 Feb 2021 0 Comments

Hello! I'm Sonal and I'm an artist based in Vienna, Austria. Nature is my endless source of inspiration, especially flowers and I draw them obsessively. For a peek into my sketchbooks join me on instagram or visit my website to see more of my work. 

I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting art materials so when I saw Archer and Olive's  Acrylograph pens I just had to try them. I also enjoy working on different coloured backgrounds so the Neopolitan range is perfect with all 3 paper options -  bright white, deep black and natural craft.

If you do decide to buy some Archer and Olive goodies, be sure to use my code SONAL10 that will give you 10% off your order on all the items on the site


I used my Archer and Olive Neopolitan Dot Grid Notepad and the 3mm Acrylograph pens from the Fall Collection to create these 3 different effects:

1) A simple drawing where the forms and lines are the focus for a cleaner, graphic look.  

2) A combination of sketchy lines and painterly brushstrokes. Here I used the acrylograph pen for the stems, the leaves and the tiny ochre flowers and then added larger abstract floral shapes using acrylic paint.

3) A mixed media painting which is built up using layers of drawing with the acrylograph pens, acrylic paint and coloured pencils.


If you're inspired to create your own expressive florals, be sure to tag us at @sonaln and We'd love to see what you create. Have fun!


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