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Four Cozy Bullet Journal Theme Ideas for the Winter Season

by Ambassador Team 14 Oct 2023 0 Comments

Hello there friends! Caroline here from @carolineace_bujo & the ambassador team!  I hope you’re feeling cozy because today I wanted to show you four bullet journal themes that are perfect for the cold weather season! These 4 themes are easy to create and are sure to make you feel warm and happy, so if you love a cozy aesthetic just keep on reading!

I love all things cozy and I wanted to show 4 different themes anyone can enjoy in their bullet journal!  

The first theme is “Coffee”

The coffee theme is usually composed of brown colors, a picture of coffee mugs, and coffee beans make the perfect little decoration fillers! Whether you’re a coffee lover or not this theme is always so aesthetically pleasant!

coffee theme bullet journal

The second theme is “Knitting”

Is there anything more cozy than warm knitted clothes? A knitting or yarn theme will sure make you feel warm and the color combination for this theme is endless! Make sure to include warm yarn balls for decoration fillers!

Knitting theme bullet journal

The thirds theme is “Books”

Books are another cozy theme, they just remind you of how relaxing reading can be, and if you’re anything like me, the warm weather usually inspires you to have a cozy evening reading on the couch! Book themes can also have a variety of colors and they’re really easy to doodle! 

books theme bullet journal

The fourth theme is “Vintage”

The last cozy theme I’ll be talking about is vintage. With this theme you can layer and create collages, add texture and use ephemera. The colors in a vintage theme usually involve browns (specially kraft paper) and the use of stamps, and it will bring you a cozy nostalgic look.

vintage theme bullet journal

If you’d like to see how I created each of these cozy  covers please check out the video bellow:

& if you want to try this theme out but don’t know where to start check out the free printable filled with cozy icons to get your started!

free printable

For more warm weather content check out this blog on “10 Simple Fall & Autumn Doodles To Add To Your Bullet Journal”

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