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Easy DIY Gift Tag Ideas For The Holidays

by Ambassador Team 15 Oct 2023 0 Comments

Hi there! I’m Neus from the ambassador team (and I go by) @Miss.Meissa on Instagram, YouTube and TikTokToday I'm going to show you some ideas for making gift tags. I love diy gift tags because they add personal value to gifts. If you like to design gift tags I hope you like my creative gift tag ideas that you can use to create Christmas tags for holiday gifts or even use some of this DIY ideas to create birthday tags.


Supplies for Gift Tags

(Depending on the idea)

(You can use my affiliate code MISSMEISSA for a 10% off at

Gift tag supplies

Gingerbread house gift tags

For the first idea, we are going to create gift tags in the shape of gingerbread houses.

We start by creating the shape of a little house. For that, you need to cut out a rectangle of kraft paper (or a few). Next, we are going to cut the roof. To make it easier, draw a mark first in the center, at the top. And then make marks on both sides at the same height, where the roof would start. With these guide points, cut out the two top corners, leaving the top in the shape of a triangle. ​​Make a hole in the top of the triangle with a punch, cutter or scissors so that a string can be tied through it. 

After that, just draw the house as you would if you were decorating a cookie. I recommend using a white acrylograph. The truth is that I haven't drawn houses since I was little, and I didn't remember how much fun it is. So bring out your inner child and enjoy drawing. In fact, if you have children, it's a great project to do as a family.

Draw a door and windows and add anything else you can think of. Portholes, bushes, railings, tiles, lattices, snow, decorations... whatever you can imagine to fill in the space.

Once it's decorated, all that's left to do is tie a twine to hang it up. You can also use these little houses to create a garland or as Christmas tree decorations and they look very pretty and festive. And you can make lots of different styles of houses with all the decorations you can think of. Have fun!

Gingerbread houses gift tags

Washi tape gift tags

For this one you can use any leftover paper (or a sheet from a notepad) and your favorite washi tape

We start by drawing a circle on the paper. You can use washi tape or a stencil to make it easier. Cover this circle by sticking strips of washi tape diagonally. Choose some washi you love for this.

Then, cut out the circle with scissors very carefully, taking your time. And once finished stick it at the bottom of a tag with some paper glue.

Complete the drawing using a golden, silver, yellow or grey acrylograph turning the circle into a Christmas ball. You need to draw the cap and some of the string. Once drawn, you just need to add the twine and the tag is complete. 

You can create other types of silhouettes, for example a gift, sticking the washi strips vertically and forming a square or rectangle. You only have to draw the top part of the ribbon and this tag can also be used for a birthday.

Another idea would be to create a washi heart tag for Valentine's Day. 

Washi tape gift tags

If you want more ideas with washi tape, don't miss the articles I have published on the blog with many of them (first and second part).

Snowflake decorated gift tags

For this one, you can use a white tag but I like to use a black one and draw with a metallic acrylograph pen. 

To begin, draw a circle in pencil with the help of washi tape or something round. It will serve as a guide for the drawing of the snowflake. Place the center and divide the circle in half and these two halves in three parts, as if it were a cheese that you divide into six parts.

We will use these lines as a guide to draw the snowflake. You can also draw some perpendicular reference lines in pencil at the same distance from the center to help you create the final drawing. Don't worry if this looks a bit hard because I'll leave you at the end of the blog a printable with several step by step examples.

With the sketch drawn, use a marker to draw the snowflake carefully and slowly so that the lines come out straight. First draw the main lines following the pencil divisions. And then, add the same kind of drawing to all the main lines to create the snowflake. Help yourself with the pencil perpendicular lines so that they are at the same distance. What you do in one line you have to repeat in all the others.

You can add some dots around the snowflake to finish filling the tag if you want. Finally, pass the string to finish the tag. 

Snowflake decorated gift tags

Christmas tree gift tag

For this idea you will need a sheet from a notepad or some extra paper. 

Start by drawing a little Christmas tree on it. It is very important that the tree is the same on both sides. To make it easier, I recommend first drawing an oblong triangle and the trunk (a little rectangle at the bottom). Then, divide the triangle into three parts, like in the picture. This way it is easier to draw the tree. 

Christmas tree sketch 

After drawing it, let's paint it. If you prefer, you can also use colored papers like the ones that come in the monthly kits.

I painted it using green and brown acrylograph pens. After painting, carefully cut out the tree.

You will need to have four of these. You can use the first one as a stencil and carefully trace it in pencil to sketch the other three. And repeat the process.

Once all the trees are painted and cut out we need to fold them in half, being careful that they are folded symmetrically. Stick them together, leaving two sides without glue, the first and the last one because we will stick them to the tag. But before doing that,you can trim the leftovers, so that all sides are the same. You could also paint the white parts if you prefer. 

Once trimmed, we stick it to the tag with some paper glue, leaving some space at the top of the tag. Decorate the tree with a star using a marker (or a washi sticker if you saw my last washi tape ideas article). You can also paint the edges of the paper so that they don't look white.

Add the twine or a ribbon and you got another beautiful tag.

Christmas tree gift tag

Thanks for reading this article, I hope you liked all these ideas. If you want, you can also watch the video I recorded with the whole process:

And here is the printable as promised.

Click to download now:

Snowflakes tutorial printable
If this blog post has inspired you and you post some of your creations, you can tag me, @miss.meissa, and @archerandolive so we can see them (we would love that!). Don’t forget to add #archerandolive and #AOShare 😊

Creative gift card ideas

And if you want to see more gift tag and wrapping ideas don't miss these articles:
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And also my Creative ways to use washi tape articles.

You can also check my resources or see more of my creations and videos on my Instagram and Youtube accounts. Thank you!


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