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Get organized AND creative with our new Undated Personal Planners!

by Bonnie Kuhl 05 Oct 2018 0 Comments

Get creative and organized in your undated personal planner.


Confession time. I’ve owned over six (yes SIX) planners in the past two years, and haven’t finished ONE. Planners are fun! They’re pretty, they’re useful, and they inspire you to be productive. But I wanted a planner that allowed me to get creative as well. Basically I wanted the bullet journal, but I didn’t want to go through the hassle of drawing the layouts. I just wanted to do the decorating part! There were serious no planners on the market that were undated, minimalistic, and with thick pages (to add my own paintings, doodles, and artwork). So I decided to make one.



I love these planners because the pages are JUST as thick as our Dot Grid Journals (160 gsm) so you are still able to use fountain pens, markers, and even paint (!!) without worrying about bleeding or ghosting.


Here are 3 fun ways I’ve already used this planner to get more creative (and of course organized).



 1. Add paint (yes paint!) to important pages.

Paint in your undated personal planner


Adding paint to your planner is mostly fun, but it can also help you stay organized as well. Paint a bright, vibrant pattern on the days that have an important tasks, and you eye will always be drawn to those dates. 


 2. Get crazy with stickers (productively).


Using stickers in your bullet journal


Stickers are also pretty, but they're a really good way to highlight an important event or task. (P.S. you can get these totally cute stickers here). Use them to call out the most important (or fun) events you have going on for the day. 


 3. Color Code Everything. 

Color Code your planner

Use as many markers as you want to color code different tasks. I like to have one color for work, one for the side hustle, one for personal, and one for family activities. It not only helps you stay organized, it's an easy way to add color to your planner. Don't worry about any markers showing through to the other side, because our with our ultra thick pages, there's no bleeding or ghosting. 

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