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Healthy Nutrition for 2021 + FREE Printable

by Guest Blogger 31 Jan 2021 0 Comments

Hey-lo! Marsha here from Do You Salut!  Now more than ever is a great time to start a healthy eating regimen. This is important in order for you to have the energy to accomplish marvellous things in 2021. As a Registered Dietitian at times I get bored with eating the same thing all the time.  An easy way to eat healthy is to "Eat The Rainbow!" Having a variety of fruits and vegetables ensures that you eat foods that have many different nutrients. Having a list of different vegetables and fruits you typically don't eat can come in handy when you want to switch things up in the kitchen. Let's get started! 

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Step1:  "Eat the Rainbow" title 

 First step is to write the title in the center of the page. I like the font of this stencil so I used it to outline the title. 


Step 2:  Color the in the the title.  

 The next step is to color in the title using the Acrylograph pens. You can use just one color or you can alternate colors to mimic the rainbow. 

*Acrylotip: Don't forget to shake the pens before you use them so the ink can flow out perfectly. I had a little trouble with my green pen (too much ink came out) so be sure to always have a cloth handy for spills. If too much ink comes out you can always use a paintbrush or the clear blending pen to pick up any extra ink! 


Step 3: Color Sections 

Next step is to create your subtitles/food categories. On the upper left corner you can write the color "Red". In the upper center of the page write "White/Brown".  On the upper right corner write "Green". In the lower left corner write, Orange/Yellow". On the lower left corner write, "Blue/Purple". In the lower center of the page write

Step 4:  Fill in the sections

Now fill in the different sections with fruits and vegetables that you typically don't eat. Remember the colors of the fruit/vegetables is a clue as to which nutrients the food is rich in. For example red vegetables/fruits are rich in the nutrient lycopene (which can promote heart health).  In the lower center of the page you can put a list of your favorite foods or some key nutrients that might be important to you (for example iron for people who are deficient). Here are some vitamins and minerals  that support the immune system: Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Iron, Selenium, Zinc, and folic acid. 

Step 5: Add decorations

 The final step is to add decorations to your page. I decided to use the rainbow washi tape from the collaboration with @MyInnerCreative 

Here is a free printable to help you keep track of new vegetables and fruits to include. 


Hope you have fun explore all types of colorful fruits and vegetables! If you recreate this spread don't forget to tag us at @doyousalut and @archerandolive. Also tag #shareao for a chance to be featured on our new community page!

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