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How To Create A Monthly Review Page In Your Bullet Journal

by Ambassador Team 25 Oct 2023 0 Comments

Hello friends!  This is Amanda from the Archer and Olive Ambassador team and today we’re going to talk about creating a monthly summary page in your bullet journal.  Memory keeping (or scrapbooking depending on the camp you subscribe to) is one of my favorite ways to use my bullet journals.  Putting pictures, ephemera, or adding drawings serves to enhance the stories in my journal, and it’s really fun to look back on later too.

One new item I added to my memory bullet journal in 2023 was the monthly summary page.  This is a place where I can take all the wild and crazy (or mundane) memories from the month and make a quick snapshot for myself.  So today I’m going to share with you how I create my monthly summary pages and hopefully you can take my examples and personalize it to yourself.


Monthly Review Supplies

First things first, supplies!  I currently use an Archer and Olive B5 size journal for my memory journal but this can honestly be adapted to any size. Though the B6 journal size is seriously growing on me if I’m being honest. And then to make the spread just a little more fun I also recommend Calliographs, and Washi Tape!

Ok now that we know what were using, what content should be included on the page?  Here are some subjects I like to include:


Books Read This Month

I read a lot, especially audiobooks.  At the end of the month I like to include all the books I read, how I rated them, and what format they were (audiobook, kindle, hardback, etc.).  Then, if when I finish the month I’m still in the middle of reading a book I like to make note of that sometimes too.

Monthly Memories recap page

What I watched

Movies I watched for the first time, shows I beinge watched, documentaries… I typically like to just list the shows/movies I watched that were memorable to me, but this is also a place where you could list ratings or genres.  You could also set aside a place for stand outs such as favorite movie, or worst TV show.

A lot of times, if I have space, I also like to print off the poster/graphic for my favorites of the month and add it to my spread.

Favorite Memories

This can be a short paragraph talking about a cute stand out memory, or a simple list showing all of your stand out memories from the month (this is what I normally do).

Monthly Memories recap page


I work as a flight paramedic in a very rural area so at the end of every month, in my summary page I like to count the number of Medevacs and SAR missions I went on.  This idea could be any statistic though.  The number of miles driven.  Number of pizzas eaten.  Number of library books checked out.  The options are endless.

Stand out quotes or memes from the month

When a quote or meme really sticks out to me I like to save it to my phone as a screenshot.  Sometimes, when I have space on my summary page I like to print of the graphic and add it to the memory

Monthly Memories recap page


Typically if I include photos in my summary page they’re from something that wasn’t covered in one of my other spreads.  Like one month earlier this year I was really on a dollar store hack kick (as in transforming dollar store items into something cool) so I included pictures of my projects on my summary page.

 Monthly Memories recap page

Other ideas:

Favorite songs/a playlist you’re listening too

Current podcasts

An itenerary for a trip you went on

Recipe for something new you cooked

Money saved/spent (if you’re a budgeter)

Plant tracker

Stand out Zodiac events

Weather from the month


If you can think of any other great ideas feel free to share them or tag me on instagram (@shenoteditall), I would love to see what the Archer and Olive Community creates!

And speaking of, if you would like to see me share more of my summary page examples and explain what I’ve included check out the Youtube video I created above.

If you’re new to memory keeping or think the above ideas are cool but you could never remember all of the movies you watched or times you ate pizza I’ve created the printable tracker below to help you keep track of everything as the month goes on so all the info will be in one convenient place when you go to make you layout.  Find it below.

 Monthly Memories Tracking SHeet

That is all I have for you today friends.  I hope that you found this blog useful and I can’t wait to see the summary pages you create!

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