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How to Create A Quick Summer Checklist In Your Bullet Journal

by Content Team 28 May 2022 0 Comments

Hey Yall! Jerica from @JericaPlans here with a quick way for you to create a summer checklist in your journal. The year is moving by so fast that summer will be here before we know it so it is never too early to start planning out how you want to spend it. Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year for two reasons: my birthday in June and the weather. Living in Texas, our summers can get blazing hot but we adapt to it very well such as visiting the lake and even checking out the indoor water parks. So naturally you will see some outdoor activities on my list because I just love being outside in the weather.

Not only is this layout easy to make, it is helpful in making sure your summer plans are organized. 

Supplies Used: 

Any size Archer & Olive Journal (I am using an A5)

Acrylographs (All mine are from the Blossom Set)

Washi tape (I am using washi tape from the Messy & Bright Box and the March 2022 Sub Box)

Stickers (I am using some from According to Ali and Planning from A to Z)

Ceramic xacto knife 


You can use my code JERICAPLANS10 for 10% off many Archer & Olive products.


Step 1

summer checklist spread

First thing you want to do is get a strip of washi to put along the edge of the journal so that way you can find it much easier when you need to get to the page quickly. I chose this gorgeous bright tealish blue washi from the March 2022 sub box because it is much wider than the standard washi roll and it reminds me of pool water. 

Then I really wanted some pops of color on the page so I added the striped washi from the Messy & Bright box because it does remind me of the cute swimsuits I see during the summer trips to the pool. 

Step 2 


Next, I take two acrylographs from the Blossom set (Sunshine and Cornflower) to write “Summer Checklist” at the top of the page. I stuck with two bright colors that reminded me of summer but obviously choose any colors you would like. 

Step 3 

watercolour details

This where I give the page a bit more flavor in the form of deco stickers. I am not much of an artist so I love using stickers to jazz up a page . These alcohol ink swatches from According to Ali (yup, fellow design team member Ali) are some of my new favorite stickers. With some deco assistance from Planning from A to Z, it gives the page a bit more dimension. 

Step 4 


If you follow me on instagram, you know I do not miss a chance to put a floral on a page. Honestly, I would feel weird if I did not use one so naturally I found some summer florals from According to Ali that actually matched well.

Then using an acrylograph ( I am using Pink Velvet from the Blossom Set), draw squares, circles or whatever you like to mark your ideas down. 

Step 5

close up of decoration

Since the bottom of the page looked a little empty, I grabbed a quick quote from my Happy Planner book to seal the deal and to remind myself that this summer will be an adventure. 

full spread


summer checklist printable

If you are still not sure you are ready to create your own, I have made this fun printable that you can use instead. Be creative, print it out on sticker paper, put it in your Archer & Olive journal and color it with acrylographs. Make it your own!


If you have made it this far, thank you so much for following along. I hope that this blog makes bullet journaling not seem so intimidating and that you can create magic with items you already have at home. Enjoy your summer plans!

Until next time,


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