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How To Create A Simple Decorative Floral Wreath Using Brush Pens

by Content Team 29 May 2022 0 Comments

Hi Friends! It’s Rose here from @littlemissrose on Instagram and YouTube.  In this blog post I’m going to show you how to create a simple decorative wreath using Archer & Olive Calliographs.  These wreaths are great, you can produce them in all sizes so they can be created for a monthly cover page, quote page, or as headings in your weekly spread.

To draw your simple decorative wreath you’ll need the following:

  • Notebook or paper
  • Something to draw a circle with (I’ve used a circle maker, but you can use a stencil, compass or simply draw around a bowl)
  • Black fine liner
  • Calliographs (I’ve used the Flourish Set)

Make sure to use my affiliate code ROSE10 for anything you purchase from Archer & Olive!  It will get you 10% off your order.


Step 1:  Draw a circle

First step is to decide what size you want your wreath to be and then draw a circle with a pencil.  You can use a compass, stencil, circle maker or draw around anything circular.

circle stencil

Step 2:  Ink in the circle and add branches

Using a thin fineliner pen, roughly draw around the pencil circle a few times.

ink in the circle

Draw some simple squiggly lines coming off the circle, these will be little branches.

add branches

Step 3:  Add leaves using a Calliograph

Using the broad end of a Calliograph, push the side of the brush onto the paper.  The shape of the brush automatically creates a leaf shape.  Keep repeating this stamp like motion on the wreath and branches that you drew previously with the fineliner.  In this example I’ve used both shades of green from the Flourish Calliograph set.

add leaves

Step 4:  Add Flowers using a Calliograph

Using the fine end of the Calliograph, add flowers by pushing down the side of the brush on to the paper.  Do this in groups of 3 to draw little flowers.  I’ve used pink and purple pens for this.  

add flowers

Step 5:  Add some lettering for the month or a quote

finish wreath decoration

Now that your wreath is complete, you can add some lettering for a monthly cover page like this one I’ve done for June.

add lettering

Or you can add a quote in the centre to create a lovely quote page like this one I created.

add quote

You can watch how I created this in the video below:

Other ways to decorate your wreath:

Instead of adding branches and flowers to your wreath, you can just add leaves all the way around the circle like this one:

another wreath decorations

Or you can create lots of smaller wreaths and use them as headings for your weekly log like these below:

weekly headers

Try it yourself:

You can use these downloads to create some decorative wreaths yourself.  You just have to add the leaves and flowers in the colours that you choose!

simple wreath printable

I hope you’ve found this blog post useful and that you try creating these wreaths yourselves in your notebook!  If you do please share and tag @littlemissrose and @archerandolive in your creations!

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