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How to Create An Easy Dutch Door Christmas Spread In Your Blackout Journal

by Design Team 04 Sep 2021 1 comment

Hello friends! It’s Missy Briggs from @missybriggs and Today I’d love to share this fun dutch door page for my Christmas memory spread.

holiday recipes

Materials For An Easy Christmas Spread:

If you purchase any of the materials above with my affiliate link, be sure to use code MISSY10 to save— and support me. But also save! Thank you in advance.

Christmas Recipe Journal Spread

recipe bullet journal

First up, we’ll tackle this recipe journal spread. These are short recipes that are not handed down generation to generation but ones I’ve adopted into my own Christmas traditions. Grab a few recipes you love, jot down the entire recipe or just main ingredients and make a forever-record of your holiday favorites. 

Adding illustrations is a bonus. You can also use stickers or stamps to decorate the border. 

Christmas Memory Page: Dutch Door

christmas countdown

If you’ve never cut a dutch door into your journal, you’re not alone. There’s a great How to Create Dutch Doors blog post by Hayley Remde that will walk you through dutch doors if you’re nervous about cutting into your journal. 

elf tracker

This page is a single dutch door to keep these holiday memory spreads separated from the rest of your journal. Measure how large you would like the dutch door. Use a pencil and a ruler to mark off where you will cut. Then place a sturdy piece of cardboard behind the page to protect the rest of the journal before cutting with scissors or a craft knife. 

Downloadable file below!

Transfer or paste the Christmas Countdown and Elf Tracker into your dutch door by downloading the printables here. Or print it and just use it  as a reference to make the design entirely your own!

memory journal printable

Christmas Traditions Journal Spread

Christmas traditions spread

This last page is my favorite. List several of your favorite family Christmas traditions. Then identify which you feel like you could easily make an illustration to match (or again, use a stamp). The illustrations can be as simple as a triangle for a Christmas tree, or you can get really detailed and spend hours detailing your favorite Christmas memory making activities. Draw a border around each of your traditions illustrations and labels and leave space to jot down your feelings when you come upon the tradition this year. 

Here’s a quick video that details my entire process. It’s sped up about 10x, of course. Be careful with that craft knife! 

Be sure to tag me @missybriggs with your Christmas journal spread ideas. I would love to repost and share!

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1 comment

21 Oct 2021 Blanca Lara

Thanks You for they inspiración. I"m making a recepi book to sabe My favorite recepies. This idea bb Will helps.

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