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Best Way To Document Book Reviews In Your Reading Journal

by Ambassador Team 23 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Hello dear friends, Caroline here from the ambassador team!

Today I want to share with you the format I follow when I want to do a journal entry on my reading journal after I finish reading a book. This spread can be made on any journal of choice, whether is your bullet journal or designated reading journal like me. Documenting a book is a great way to keep track of the books you read, it helps you remember the story, book setting, and characters better. It acts as a book review that you can keep handy to share with others or refer to later.

Before we get started let's gather the following supplies:

  1. Archer and Olive Notebook. I am using a B6 dotted grid notebook, the size is compact enough for me to carry around and easily fill, but it's big enough for me to write everything I need to document. 
  2. Pens for writing and highlighting , I usually match my colors to the book cover.
  3. Stickers for decor (optional but very fun). 
  4. Lastly if you wish, you can print a small photo of the book cover (I usually print mine 2.5in x1.5in in size)
  5. Everyday essentials planning stencil to help line and create stars for rating.


Now let's dive in, bellow is the list of everything I write about my finished book:

  1. Book Title : Usually in a bigger header.
  2. Author’s name : You can also include here the narrator if you're doing an audio book.
  3. Genre/ Trope: I often like to include tropes with each genre to find patterns in my reading choices.
  4. Format: Whether it was a  physical book or an audio book.
  5. Lenght: This is for the total pages or minutes.
  6. Dates Read: Start and finish dates.
  7. Star Rating: how many stars out of 5.
  8. Summary: A brief summary of the book plot
  9. My thoughts: A description of how the book makes you feel/ what you liked or didn't like.
  10. Favorite Quotes : Anything that stands out to you.

Now that we have the list is time to put it to paper. I write everything down and then I decorate the spread with a small picture of the book cover and I like to use coordinating colors and stickers. I make sure to include my favorite details that stand out to me in the summary and my thoughts section, once I'm done it looks something like this:

finished book review

Following these easy 10 key points is an easy way to journal about your favorite books, its also super helpful to do reading journal entries if youre reading for school or learning purposes, and if you love to read for fun it can help you discover what are your most favorite types of books, authors and writing style. 

If you want to see step by step how I set up my reading journal spread please watch this tutorial:

For more reading journal content check out this post on how to track your reading with a bullet journal. and if you wish to try this yourself you can grab a copy of my free printable to get your started:

book review printable
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