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How To: Dr. Seuss Quote

by Maria Irina 20 Mar 2020 0 Comments

Hey guys! Masha here from Masha Plans and today we are creating a quote page.

March is the birthday month of Dr. Seuss, and seeing what an amazing author he was and what an impact his work had, I thought it’d make sense to create something special commemorating that happy event.

His birthday, as you probably know, also is the Read Across America Day. That’s why, from all the quotes out there, I chose a book-related one for this tutorial.

The quote we’ll be doing today is “You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”


Here are the supplies I used for this quote. Feel free to use the same or change up to something you love in your collection.

Archer and Olive Notebook - for a quote, I used my A5 notebook, but for tutorials (there will be some!) I needed more space so I went with a B5 one.

You can get notebooks and any other supplies from Archer ad Olive 10% off with my code MASHA10.

Pencil and eraser - I always sketch everything in pencil first and I recommend you do the same. I used Pilot Dr. Grip mechanical pencil and sakura foam eraser.

Faber Castell Fineliners - my go-to black pen when it comes to doodling or creating any spreads in my Bullet Journal.

Zebra Mildliner Brush Pens - my go-to set for all the things - from just coloring to brush lettering.

White Sakura Gelly Roll Pen - I’m adding something fun to my lettering and I needed a white pen for it. Sakura gel pens are in my opinion the best gel ones on the market!


Before we dive in and start creating the quote page, I thought I’d share with you some step by step tutorials that will help.

First is the doodle of the Cat in the Hat.

tutorial, how to, dr seuss, masha plans, archer and olive, cat in the hat

It looks very intimidating, but as you’ll see, like most doodles, it’s all just based on basic shapes.

Start simple and add more details bit by bit, eventually, you’ll end up with exactly what you wanted.

Next is the bubble lettering I used in the quote.

lettering, how to, bubble letters, masha plans, archer and olive

It’s all pretty simple as well. 

Start from writing down your word in block letters, but be sure you keep enough space in between to add bubble effect later.

Next step - add the bubble effect! Once you already have the block letter, it’s much easier to create a bubble around it. Try to keep it the same width in each letter.

Once your block letters are done and colored - it’s time to add some shadow! I went for double shadow here and used a fineliner and then a grey brush pen. Use both or just one - up to you. I feel like using a grey marker gives it a bit more depth, especially if it’s a lighter grey one.

A good way to add 3d effects is also using a neon color. Make sure you first test it out to see if the neon color matches the color you chose for your lettering.

The final step is adding the white elements inside your letters. Grab your white gel pen and play around with the placing.

That’s about it. Let’s dive in and create our quote page!


Step one, of course, is choosing a quote, and you already know mine. I decided to decorate the quote with some doodles from Dr. Seuss’s books.


I usually start from words, but here I really wanted the accent to be on the doodles, so I started from creating these.

quote page, sketch, dr seuss, masha plans, archer and olive

As you see I went with a pencil sketch first. That way, I can see if I like the placing or if it needs to be moved in any way.


I also add the quote in pencil first, it helps to make sure it’s all well placed.

quote, archer and olive, masha plans, dr seuss

Just like in every other quote, I first found what are the most important words and made sure to accent them.

You can create accents by using different styles of lettering, or color. In this case, I used both.


Once you’re happy and satisfied with everything - it’s time to use the pen!

fineliner, bullet journal, quote page, dr seuss, masha plans,archer and olive

I just outlined all the doodles and lettering in black fineliner. The places that will be in color are left in pencil.

I also tried not to add any details, so they don’t fade when I erase the pencil.


Once everything is outlined and you erased the pencil and added other details - it’s time to color!

quote page, quotes, dr seuss, masha plans, zebra pen, archer and olive

Honestly, coloring is my favorite part of creating anything, it reminds me so much of childhood fun!

And we are done! If you followed the tutorials and all the steps you should now see a cute quote page in your BuJo.

If you recreated his quote page be sure to share with me and @archerandolive on Instagram, we love seeing your creations!

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling and Don’t Be A Blob!

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