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Super Practical tips for migrating to a planner/ notebook in 2020

by Nicola Knobel 23 Mar 2020 0 Comments

Wondering how to manage migration from one year to the next? Well today we are going to cover a couple of situations you might find yourself in and how to overcome these! 

Hi Nicola here from My Inner Creative, and I have been journaling and planning since I was a kid - so I know what I am talking about when I am talking to you about notebooks and planners

You are starting from scratch, a new planner/notebook 2020 and don't know where to start!

EXCITING! This might be something that was on your bucket list, or something you have been curious about for a while, but you know what, this is the perfect time of year to start a new planner or notebook. If this is your first time there are a couple ways to get over the first page jitters

  1. Use pencil to write in it before you commit to stickers, stamps or ink.
  2. Use post it notes to make out how you might want it to look

A couple of other things to get you started if you are planning on journalling for the first time in 2020, is to grab a blank piece of paper before you get started and draw out some templates you think might work for you. 

Test out on the paper how they feel and how they might work with your style. Remember that your first month is all about testing what works for you and what things you might want to try in month 2. Bullet journaling is meant to be unique to you and unique to your style, it is fluid and flexible.

So what are some of the things you might want to put on those first few pages?

  1. A list of key events that might come up during 2020 (This would be called a future log)
  2. Your first monthly overview and some weekly spreads
  3. Some basic trackers - track things like your mood or health or some of those key New Years resolutions you might want to keep an intentional eye on. 

There are a ton of other things you could add to your first journal, there are heaps of pages of inspiration on line, but if it is truly your first time, then don't overwhelm yourself or you wont keep it up.

You finished your first notebook and have about 20 pages left

So you are wanting to start something new for 2020, but also don't want to waste those precious pages from your 2019 notebook? WELL! 

  1. Use some of the pages as annual reflection. Every year I sit down and ask myself some key questions, which I then reflect on in June and then look back on in December again. To make it easy for you I have included this awesome printable to go through and reflect on your own year.
  2. Use the pages to jot down your favorite memories from 2019
  3. Use the pages to list out some of your favorite things, people, birthdays etc.
  4. You can start designing how your 2020 planner will look in some of these pages

How do I actually migrate from one planner to another?

This can be 1. Really overwhelming and 2. Really stressful and 3. Really time consuming. If you have been in a journal for a while, do you really want to migrate so many things over? Probably not. So a couple tips to doing this.

  1. Cut out your annual trackers or annual spreads carefully and stick them into the new journal
  2. Use a sticky note to make an annual tracker or spread, so that way if in 3 months you have finished another notebook you don't have to worry about redrawing it and moving it again. 
  3. Use habit tracker stickers so that you aren't constantly redrawing a bunch of trackers every month.


What if I am going from a notebook to a planner?

If you are moving from a bullet journal to a planner, you might be doing this for a couple reasons, but the most important thing to note here, is you do not want to lose too much of your freedom straight out the gate.

So if moving from a notebook to planner, make sure you find one that gives you enough space to be unique and creative, but keeps the structure you might need. 

I am personally a huge fan of the new Amy Tangerine and A&O Planners for 2020 because they are structured in a way I like and give me room to be creative with some blank pages for monthly reflection and much more. 

What if I am going from a planner to a notebook

How exhilarating! You have given yourself so much permission to be creative! But i can be really overwhelming.

My big recommendation here is to create your first few weekly spreads in the same style of the planner you used for 2019, so that it helps with the transition of 1. Drawing your own planner and 2. The loss of structure you will probably feel. It also gives you something to start from and try, rather than staring at some blank pages.

We would love to know more about your migration concerns below, reach out to use with your suggestions for a smooth transition.

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