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Bullet Journal: Pink Moon Weekly

by Nabaa Afridi 17 Jan 2020 3 Comments

Hello friends! Nabaa here from @whimsical.doodles. I know this is a bit late but Happy New Year! What a year 2019 has been! If you could describe 2019 in one word, what would it be? For me, I'd pick "challenging". It was beyond a doubt the most difficult year of my life but also one that brought along so many new opportunities! So grateful for what was and thankful for a new year!

For the month of January, I wanted to continue off my theme for December because MOONS! I have been obsessed with all things to do with the moon lately and I really wanted to start off the year with something I truly love!

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

For those of you who may not know (I post updates on Instagram), I'm currently far from home and away from most of my journaling supplies. So I needed to create a theme that was simple to work with but also one that reflected my unique style! If you haven't seen my January theme yet, feel free to check it out here

Now onto the part, you're here for! To create this weekly, here's what I used:

Before we start, you want to mark off your columns for each day. Play around and decide on where you want to draw your daily columns. Mark these with a pencil. I marked my dailies leaving 11 rows of blank space on the top of the pages with 6 columns in each daily for a total of 3 dailies on each page. 

Using a large paintbrush, paint a thick pink border all around your pages. To do this, you want to paint in a "bouncing" motion. Move your brush up and down to form "clouds" of sorts. 

Bullet Journal Weekly

For this light pink color, I mixed a tiny tab of deep red gouache with white. You can, of course, choose to use any other medium such as markers or acrylic paints.  

TIP: I'd really recommend placing a piece of scrap A4 size paper (or use newspapers like I do!) UNDER the page you are painting on. This helps prevent your paint from transferring. 

Let your first layer dry. Darken your paint by adding a tiny bit more of that deep red. Go over in a thinner border all around your pages in a similar motion as above. You really don't need to worry about what your border looks like. I promise it all looks pretty in the end!

Bullet Journal Weekly

Once the layer was dry, I went in with one last round of paint. This is entirely up to you. You can do as many layers as you like - It's YOUR journal! Do what makes you the happiest!

Bullet Journal Weekly

Ink in your columns with a black fine liner or gel pen. And now it wouldn't be one of my spreads without a little bit of Kraft paper! I used a thin strip to add "day" headers to the columns. 

Bullet Journal Weekly

You then want to add little doodles to your columns (PS, you can totally skip this step by just increasing the height of your columns!) 

I drew 2 moons on each page with a leaf doodle in between. Mirror these doodles on the other page as well. Check out this post for a great practice printable if you'd like to get better at drawing leaves!

Bullet Journal Weekly

Fill in the moons using a gold gelly roll or your favorite gold pen! For the leaves, I used a black pen. 

To give the different layers some definition, I went over the round shapes with a white gel pen. It just really made the whole spread pop! 

Add a little more gold by drawing on little stars all across the pink border! I went a step further and drew on some gold circles as well! Have I mentioned I absolutely LOVE my Helix circle maker for this?!

Bullet Journal Weekly

And there you go! This has truly been one of my favourite weeklies of all time. It was super fun to set up and very functional as well. If you recreate this, please tag me @whimsical.doodles - I would absolutely love to see! :)

If you've got any questions, leave a comment below or send me a DM on @whimsical.doodles. I'm always happy to help! Until next time friends!

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21 Oct 2021 Blanca Lara

Thanks for this idea. I think i Will try this in a blue wich is My favorite color.

20 Jan 2020 Nabaa A.

Thanks so much Jenn!

17 Jan 2020 Jenn

I always love to read your posts on A&O. Not a user of social media, I have just looked at your Instapage. Loving it! I SO need to have more arty fun in my journal! Thank you

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