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Introducing the BLACKOUT! Book - Black Page Dot Grid Journal

by Bonnie Kuhl 12 Apr 2019 2 Comments

 Bullet Journal with BLACK pages

 I'm SO EXCITED YOU GUYS! I don't think I have ever been this excited for a product launch. IT'S FINALLY HERE!! The Bullet Journal with BLACK pages. It's my Junior High dreams come true. 


Best Supplies For The Blackout Journal

These work brilliantly with gel pens and (of course) paint, and I'm just show excited to share just a few of the things you can do with these lovely lovely books. 


archer and olive bundles


1. All White Gel Pens

Keep it simple, with a black and white layout. The black pages are perfect for celestial themed layouts - like my tracker (which includes 28 days because I'll be measuring habits by the moon).

Bullet Journal With Black Pages

After testing three different gel pens in this black bullet journal:

1. White Gelly Roll

The Gelly Roll was my favorite white gel pen to use in this book. The opacity was good, and the precision was particularly nice. 

2. Art-N-Fly

Almost on par with the White Gelly Roll. The opacity was only slightly worse, and the precision was about the same.

3. Uniball Signo

The Opacity with this pen was amazing! However, it took a (long) while to dry, so it frequently smeared across the page. 





Bullet Journal With Black Pages

2. Colored Gel Pens

If you're looking to add color (which looks SO GOOD in these books) Gel pen ink shows up AMAZINGLY in these bullet journals with black pages. To create this hombre effect by layering different colors on top of eachother:

1. Start with your lighter color ink. Draw the entire shape you would like to apply the gradient to. 

2. Apply your darker ink on top of the lighter ink in the areas you would like the darker ink to appear at 100%, as well as the area you would like the gradients to appear. 

3. With your lighter pen, go over the areas you would like only the gradient to appear. Continue drawing over the area until you create a gradient you are happy with. Wipe off any excess ink that appears on the tip with a rag. 

To see a few images of this process, check out this blog post.




Bullet Journal With Black Pages

3. Paint!

It wouldn't be an Archer and Olive Notebook if you couldn't add gouache paint to the pages as well. The pages in this black bullet journal, are the same super thick 160gsm as our other notebooks. Color really pops on a black background! The black pages almost gives each color a neon glow. 


archer and olive notebooks

Have fun! Give yourself a few test pages to experiment with different mediums. Share your work with #archerandolive and @archerandolive on Insta. 

Bullet Journal With Black Pages

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03 Jan 2020 Nicole (Archer and Olive Support)

Thank you for your question! Are you wanting to know where you can buy the Blackout books? You can find them on our website here:

03 Jan 2020 Bonnie

When and where can I buy one?
Didn’t find it on the website.


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