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How To Use Everything That's In Our June Sub Box 2022

by Content Team 07 Jun 2022 2 Comments

Hi everyone! If this is your first box, welcome to the subscription box family. And, if you've been around for a while, welcome back! It's great to see you again.

The best part about receiving a subscription box is getting the chance to try new things. That’s why we always try to include some new products, designs, and options every drop.  Sometimes we need a little bit of inspiration on different  ways we can use the goodies found inside! Today I’ll be sharing some fun ideas on how to use EVERYTHING in the subscription box this quarter! 

If you haven't received your box yet, don't worry! You can easily plan out ideas and get excited for your new supplies by reading this blog. Excited to get creative? Then let's jump right into the box!

closed yellow june sub box

What’s In The June Sub Box?

This time around, the team was inspired by destination vacations and summer aesthetics. We created a box that reflects the spirit of the Amalfi Coast and seaside voyages. When you open your box, we want you to feel transported to faraway paradise. 

Inside the box, you’ll find: 

  • A5 Dot Grid Notebook
  • Traveler’s Notebook
  • Journal Cover
  • Tin Box With Greeting Cards
  • Wax Seal Set
  • Pack Of 5 Acrylograph Pens 
  • Die Cut Stickers
  • Washi Tape


yellow a5 notebook with pink gliding and a vespa design in gold foil on the front


traveler's notebook with tile inspired design


We’ve included the sunniest A5 notebook ever!! With a bright yellow cover and pink edges, this gorgeous notebook totally reminds me of a juicy grapefruit. Plus, it has an adorable vespa design stamped in gold foil on the cover to match the Amalfi vibes found in the rest of this box. 

The beautiful traveler’s notebook found in this box is one of my favorites. It’s inspired by the colorful tilework found all over the Amalfi Coast. It’s the perfect size to tuck into a weekend bag or suitcase, so you can bring your notebook everywhere you go this summer.

Our A5 dot grid notebooks are designed to be versatile, but you can definitely use them to create your own:

  • Summer Bucket List
  • Vacation Packing Checklist 
  • Summer Reading Habit Tracker
  • Beach Day Checklist
  • Cocktail Recipes
  • Travel Itinerary 
  • Memory Journal 
  • And more! The possibilities are endless!

Journal Cover

brown vegan leather journal cover with two silver clasps


Bring your notebook everywhere you go this summer! We’ve included a luxurious vegan leather journal cover in this box that perfectly fits any traveler’s notebook. This journal cover is designed to protect your notebook from any damage while you’re on the go. It’s super sleek and stylish, making it a must-have addition to your suitcase or beach bag this season!


Tin Box With Greeting Cards

decorative tin box with greeting cards and envelopes inside


We really wanted to include a product in this box that encourages people to connect with their loved ones. The gorgeous decorative tin box inside features a variety of adorable greeting cards. They’re perfect for sending “wish you were here” or “thinking of you” messages to friends and family. We also thought they were a fun nod to sending postcards from your travels. And! The tin box can also be used afterwards as decorative storage. 

Wax Seal Set

wax seal stamp set with a citrus-inspired stamp design and two sticks of bronze sealing wax


This is a first for Archer & Olive!! We’ve been so excited to include a new product for our subscription box subscribers. The wax seal set found inside this box brings 2 wax candles and a high-quality wax seal with an adorable citrus-inspired stamp. It's the perfect set to bring in some vacation vibes to your self-care routine. You can even screw off the stamp to switch out the design! Plus, the wax seals can also be stamped into any of our notebooks to create unique bujo layouts.  Pair this wax seal set with our greeting cards to beautifully seal off letters to your loved ones!

5 Pack of Acrylograph Pens

5 pack of acrylograph pens in light blue, dark blue, yellow, orange, and pink


We’ve been obsessing over every color of these Acrylograph pens!! Featuring 5 unique colors that perfectly match the rest of the subscription box items, you’ll be able to really get creative this summer!​​ Our Acrylograph pens work flawlessly on white, black, and kraft paper. They’re also amazing for coloring all over your notebooks. Dream up a sunset layout by layering and blending colors!

swatches of the acrylograph pens on black, kraft, and white paper


Die Cut Stickers

set of 7 summery die-cut stickers

The die cut stickers included in this box are absolutely adorable. Each one has a gorgeous design inspired by summer and the Amalfi Coast. We’re also biggg fans of the watercolor paper the stickers are made out of. Wherever you place them, the stickers have such a fresh, watery look and feel to them. Add them to your watercolor notepads or notebooks to refresh your creativity on every page!

Washi Tape

set of 4 washi tape (1 large size, 2 medium size, 1 small size)

This set of washi is our favorite!!! Like the rest of the box, each design is inspired by the Amalfi Coast and vacation vibes. We’ve included 2 medium size tapes, 1 large size, and 1 thinner tape. We encourage you to create your own amazing bujo layouts and monthly spreads with the washi found inside this subscription box. You can even add some adorable details to your summer bucket lists or vacation packing checklists! 

An image with a light blue background. It features the archer and olive quarterly subscription box, and its contents laid out diagonally rom top to bottom. The box is yellow, there is a tin, some tape, a card, some stickers, and more journaling supplies b

We are SO excited to bring you this box, and we really hope you all have an amazing time getting creative with these items!

See the full unboxing here:

Remember to tag us at or with #archerandolive on Instagram so we can see your creations! Or even better, we would love for you to share in the exclusive Facebook group! (Archer & Olive Community)

Happy Creating!

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25 Aug 2022 Christy

You mentioned dreaming up a sunset layout with the Acrylographs – I’d love a how to!

22 Aug 2022 KtheNerd

I’m SO Excited!! This box looks simply amazing. I got my shipping notification this morning and was so happy to see the unboxing video just a few hours later. Outstanding job putting together this box and thank you!

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