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Creativity Can Improve Mental Health, and Here's How

by Bonnie Kuhl 07 Jun 2022 6 Comments

Can Creativity Reduce Anxiety?

Absolutely. According to Johns Hopkins ( About 1 in 4 adults will be diagnosed with a mental illness in any given year - any many of those suffer from more than one at a time.  According to studies (of note, one article on Art can have a positive impact on mental health. It can contribute to your happiness, and overall mental health in amazing ways. There are so many ways you can incorporate art into your life, even it you’ve never identified as ‘creative’. 

If you've wanted to try adding a bit more creativity to your life but aren't quite sure where to start (oo even if you've been creative for a while, but want to learn more about the healing qualities creativity can have on your mind), I've created a totally free PDF to learn more, and to start creating today. Click the Image to download the PDF


Download PDF to insert image. Blue bar on left side with doodles and text in the middle. Can art reduce anxiety

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30 Jan 2023 anum

good quality

30 Jan 2023 Shelly

I’ve struggled with my mental health for various reasons all my life. It wasn’t until last year losing my father in law unexpectedly. Then 3 months later I lost my brother to suicide. My mental health took a toll. I needed to find an outlet for my heartbreak and anger. I used to scrapbook but I didn’t want to start that again. I tried journaling for the first time and found that this was my outlet. I started a year in review in one of A&O notebooks and daily journaling in another planner. The loss is still felt but my mental health is getting better.

30 Jan 2023 A

The Lord has been using journaling in my mental health journey its helping me heal.

24 Oct 2022 paula

I agree with this, any kind of art / craft can be therapeutic, its a calm feeling and you forget all your worries etc for a while, an dif your writing things down too then that’s a great reliever in my eyes

20 Sep 2022 Patty Fowler

Sixteen yrs ago I became seriously ill, had 4 major surgeries, and 3 NDE. After 7 years my 35yo son was diagnosed with rarest form of MS and transitioned 5 yrs after first symptom. Seven yrs later I’m being treated for PTSD. Playing in my craftroom is my lifesaver! It has saved my life! Patty, aka: Rainbow Butterfly 🦋

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