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June Subscription Box Social Post Round Up

by Content Team 20 May 2023 7 Comments

Hi all! June is approaching, meaning our next Subscription Box “Camp A&O” is almost here. 

After our survey feedback, we will be testing a new approach for showing the subscription box on the lead up to renewals and sign ups. Instead of our usual “sneak peeks”, we will be posting full product shows or in use videos approximately every other day. These posts will start on 5/20, and by our unpause deadline (5/30 at 5pm CT) the team will have shared information on 7 of the 10 elements in the June Subscription Box. So there will still be a little mystery, but if you prefer not to hunt around for information, we will be collating it all here around every 24 hours. And then as always, the full reveal will then go up later in June as boxes start arriving.

This could always change again in the future, so please let us know how this new approach works for you. If you enjoy following on social media, we do have some friendly faces helping us share the boxes, find them at:

  1. Amanda: @shenoteditall
  2. Caroline: @carolineace_bujo
  3. Jess: @jashiicorrin
  4. Mark: @menwhobullet
  5. Neus: @miss.meissa


Thursday 18th May

The above information was shared on Instagram accompanied by the reveal of the Subscription Box theme "Camp A&O" and the packaging:

 June subscription box June subscription box June subscription box



Saturday 20th May

The first notebook in the box was revealed. The notebook is a Traveler's Notebook with white dot grid paper and a linen cover. The cover is trialing a new style, with fabric rainbow dots embedded in the linen to give it a unique look. And the caravan motif is in keeping with the "Camp A&O" theme.

notebook box notebook cover notebook inside cover


Our promo posted some of their own videos, find them here:


Monday 22nd May

The next item in the box is a completely NEW item to A&O - a Glass Water Bottle. Take this on your creative adventures for years and years to come. This glass water bottle features a simple white scalloped pattern, with a wooden lid engraved with the A&O ampersand. Here it is:

water bottle packaging water bottle glass water bottle lid

We also previewed a third item in the box: Merit Badge Stickers. We couldn't resist popping one of these on our water bottle, but we'll be sure to show you the other sticker designs in the next few days.

merit badge packaging merit badge sticker


Wednesday 24th May

Today we were busy launching UNBOUND 2, so we entrusted our promo team to share a full reveal of the Merit Badge Stickers.

Here's a quick screen grab of everyones reveal:

Jess stickers Caroline stickers
mark stickers Neus stickers


But see the whole posts here:

Make sure to check back tomorrow for a reveal of a new item!


Thursday 25th May

You’ve been asking for it, and it’s finally here. This next item in the June Subscription Box is a Journaling Pen Set - containing a Black Calliograph and Black Fineliner. The Calliograph is in our usual style: with two brush tips, one broad and one fine, but it’s finally here in black to fulfil all your lettering needs! The black 0.4mm Fineliner is our first test of trying out this style of pen, if the response is good we hope to explore and expand on these further.

journaling set box and fineliner
journaling set calliograph pen
journaling set fineliner



Saturday 27th May

Today our promo team revealed the 5th item: "Adventure Stickers". This set includes two sheets of decorative stickers, including landscapes, washi strips and camping icons. See them here:

adventure sticker pocket
adventure stickers
adventure stickers


See the whole posts here:

See them in use with a NEW reveal on our Instagram tomorrow.


Sunday 28th May

Today we used the Adventure Stickers to create a spread in the 6th item of our Subscription Box: an A5 Notebook. This notebook features a a gold stamped flag icon on blue linen, with the sentiment "you got this" written inside. The end pages are also gold foiled, and the paper is white dot grid.

notebook cover
notebook end page
finished spread


Tuesday 30th May

We couldn’t just include one fineliner! Today we revealed a Fineliner Pack, which contains five 0.4mm Fineliners in grey, red, pink, yellow and green. As we said before, this is our first test of trying out this style of pen, so if the response is good we hope to explore and expand on these further.

This is our final reveal before renewal, meaning three elements will be a fun surprise upon arrival! Reminder, if you are a current subscriber make sure to be unpaused by 5pm CT today to be guaranteed a box upon renewal.

fineliner packaging fineliner in use fineliner art


Any posts from our promo team will be updated after 24 hours.

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30 May 2023 Valentina

Love this! thank you so much! It really helps me budget and skip the anxiety of getting something I might not use :)

30 May 2023 Amanda
This is what the sub boxes needed a reveal for those of us that only occasionally use social media and don’t want to have to scour through multiple posts to find possible answers to what’s in the next box! I love this.
30 May 2023 Tristin

Ooooh I hope the journaling pen set ends up becoming a permanent product! It would be fantastic to have as part of the Everyday Essentials Collection! 😯

30 May 2023 Caitlin Sanders
I’ve been a subscriber since the first box and have never missed one. Thank you so much for listening to feedback, knowing what’s in the box makes me feel better about the purchase!!!
24 May 2023 Tristin

Thank you guys so much for the full reveal style you’re testing out, I hope it keeps going like this! It’s such a big help for people who have that anxiety, or who have to budget strictly, or who live in countries with crazy shipping prices.

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