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Hi friends, Adrienne from @studio80design here to share a fun tutorial on how to create a geometric pattern using the all new Archer and Olive Metallic Acrylograph Pens! I’m only using the metallic colors that make up a rainbow for this tutorial, which turns out to be seven colors!

Tools you’ll need:

supplies image

Step 1

Take the red .7mm metallic Acrylograph pen and draw a rectangle that is five squares long and twenty five squares wide. If you need to, use a pencil to sketch out the rectangles on your page before drawing them in!

step 1

Step 2

Go through the matallic palette, drawing the same size rectangle for each color. 

Step 2

Step 3

Next, divide the long rectangle into squares that are 5x5 squares for each of the colors. 

Step 3

Step 4

Then, draw an X inside each square, going from one corner to the next for each color. 

Step 4

Step 5

Last, draw curved lines from each corner to the middle of the square. Work one color at a time until it’s all filled in! 

Step 5

Finished page

Thank you for visiting today! I hope you try this tutorial out and make sure to follow and tag @studio80design so I can see your work! And don’t forget to use code STUDIO10 to save on all the Archer and Olive goodies!


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  • Thankyou. I Will they this design on my journal.

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