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10 Fun Art And Journaling Activities For Kids

by Design Team 19 Sep 2021 0 Comments

Hi friends! It’s Missy Briggs again from @missybriggs and Journaling is a fun activity for kids too! Given the right prompts, journaling activities can easily fill a rainy afternoon. Let’s look at ten ideas for your kiddos to try out. If you’re feeling young at heart—you can add them to your own journal too!

Van Gogh inspiration

Materials Needed For Kids Art And Journaling Activities

Archer & Olive A5 Journal

Pencil or Pen

Colored Pencils 


Glue stick or adhesive tape

Oh, and here’s a video demo of all the activities listed!


1 | Create Your Own Museum

Making your own museum is easy. Just draw some simple picture frames across the page. Then either paste in magazine photos or draw your own art to fill the frames. Pick a theme like underwater adventures. Or just choose pictures that you enjoy.

museum prompt 

2 | Writing and Sketching Prompts

Sometimes it’s hard to think of ideas for journaling. When you begin with fun and easy prompts as headers, pages are simple to fill in and color.

 journaling prompt


3 | Word Art Collage

word collage

Word art is a fun way to collage. Cut words out of a magazine or download and print this word cloud freebie and paste the words into your journal. Want to eliminate the glue? Print out the downloadable onto sticker paper!

sticker page


4 | Mood Journal Page

Coloring is always a good idea! With this activity, choose shapes that you can easily draw and fill them in with colors that represent your current mood. 

mood prompt 

5 | Artist Spotlight Journal

Choose an artist that you admire. Or just google famous artists. Read a little bit about the artist and print out images for inspiration. Then try drawing their subject matter in your own style or in the artist’s style.

artist prompt


6 | Draw Your View

Sit in front of a window and get comfortable with your journal in your lap or on a table. Look out the window and draw what you see! You’ll always remember that view and your day when you draw a little part of it.

view prompt 


7 | Pattern Play

We forget that patterns are all around us. This exercise is a great way to get creative and think of new patterns — and no drawing skill is required. Just fill boxes all over the page with different patterns.

pattern prompt


8 | Color Blending Ribbons

Blending colors one into the next is another relaxing coloring activity. Draw two wavy lines across the page, then fill them in with colors. In my example I’ve done both a rainbow from red, orange, yellow, green, two shades of blue and purple. And I did a second one just in shades of blue.

ribbon prompt


9 | Boxy Still Life

Drawing can be intimidating! Grab some everyday items like fruit or desk supplies like a stapler and a mug and arrange them together on the table. Now, just using square shapes, draw the items! It’s harder than you think.

boxy prompt


10 | Dream Doodles

Dream journals are fun to keep by your bedside for jotting down things you remember from the night before. But you can also draw or write about the dreams you have for your life. Draw either a big dream you hope to accomplish or something you remember from your last dream!

dream prompt

I hope these ideas have sparked a few more creative thoughts for your next rainy day inside with the kids! I would love to see what they create. Be sure to tag me on Instagram @missybriggs.

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