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Painting Easter eggs with acrylograph pens

by Ambassador Team 12 Mar 2023 0 Comments

Hello my dear friends, Caroline here from the ambassador team @carolineace_bujo on Instagram and YouTube 

With Easter being around the corner,  I wanted to show you a fun activity using acrylograph pens to paint Easter themed eggs!

painting easter eggs with acrylograph pens

This is a relaxing and fun activity you can enjoy on your own or with all the family. 

I personally love to bond with my daughter doing colorful activities that aren't super messy and acrylograph pens are easy to use for all ages which I love. So if you want to get creative and are looking for a new way to decorate your eggs this Easter season, or you want to try new artistic medium keep on reading.

For supplies you will need:

  1. Your favorite colors of acrylograph pens (I’m using an assortment of pastel brighter colors as well as some softer greens and pinks)
  2. eggs! (you can use faux eggs or real hard boiled eggs as I am using today)
  3. If you're like me and don’t have the steadiest of hands you can also use stencils or stamps check some cute stamps options here.
  4. *Optional a basket to store and display

Step one,

Get your supplies and  eggs ready: Hard boil your desired amount of eggs and wait for them to cool, you can also use faux eggs made from either plastic or wood if you prefer.

all supplies and eggs gathered


Find a surface with an opening to hold your egg while you paint on it. I'm using a small flower vase I had at home but I discovered that the circular base of any washi tape works perfectly too! 

Once your egg is positioned you can start coloring either using a stencil or by free handing your designs.

Florals, botanicals, dots or lines are easy and look really nice! Here I am using the stencil from one of my monthly kits!

using stencil to paint egg

You can do multi-color or single color designs depending on your personal aesthetic.

free hand painting on Easter egg

I invite you to watch the youtube video to see what how I free handed and used the stencils of my egg designs here:

If you enjoy this tutorial and want more easter content check out this  blog on for ways to decorate an easter egg

I would love to see your creations! Please tag us on instagram archerandolive carolineace_bujo and use hashtags aoshare and archerandolive

Don't have eggs in hand? Grab this cute printable to color some cute eggs on paper

free printable
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