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Recipe Illustration In Your Bullet Journal Using Acrylograph Pens

by Nabaa Afridi 28 Aug 2020 0 Comments

Hello friends, Nabaa here from @whimsical.doodles on Instagram. I'm excited today to share a fun spread idea on how to use your journal! 

If you’re anything like me, you probably have your own share of unused journals that you’re holding (re: hoarding) onto. So in order to change that, I’ve been trying to come up with ideas on how I can use all my notebooks. 

I’ve decided to use one of my notebooks as a recipe journal! I’m going to start illustrating some of my favorite recipes, recipes to try out, recipes I have tried out, and so on - the ideas are pretty endless! 

To start off, I’ve created a fun illustration for my absolute favourite summer drink - strawberry lemonade! 

Bullet Journal Recipe Illustration

Here’s a list of supplies I used: 

  • Notebook - I’m using the Archer & Olive A5 Dot Grid (You can use code WHIMSICAL10 on your purchase!)
  • Pencil and Eraser
  • Acrylograph Pens - I used colours from all 3 sets but you could use any colors you like!
  • Kraft paper and washi tape
  • White Gelly Roll pen
  • Black fineliner

Follow along with this post and video for ideas on how to set up your own recipe illustrations. 

Video Tutorial:


Step 1 - Gather your supplies

Bullet Journal Supplies

Gather all your supplies! If you’re using the Acrylographs, “activate” each of the pens before you get down to coloring in. This helps since you don’t need to pause each time you need to activate a new color. 


Step 2 - Start by sketching

Bullet Journal Idea Tutorial

Using a pencil, sketch out your doodles and illustration elements. Check out Masha’s wonderful tutorial on doodling Fruits and Vegetables - this will come in handy when illustrating ingredients!


Step 3 - Colour in!

Bullet Journal Recipe Illustration

If your pencil markings are too dark, lightly erase until the lines are faint. Now start colouring in! I mostly used colours from the Jewel Acrylograph set for these illustrations. The lemon is where I used markers from the other Acrylograph sets. These pens are a total joy to work with! I used the 3mm size to colour in these pieces. 


Step 4 - Add details

Bullet Journal Recipe Illustration

Go over the illustrations with a black pen and add in little details. I also used the white Acrylograph to add little highlights where needed! I then added in a little piece of kraft paper and this is where the recipe directions went! I used washi tapes to tape in this kraft paper piece. 


Step 5 - Final header!

Bullet Journal Recipe Illustration

And finally, add in a header and you’re done! I'd love to see if you decide to illustrate your own recipe! Tag me on Instagram @whimsical.doodles so I can see it!


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