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Back-to-School Doodles Tutorial

by Adrienne Castleton 26 Aug 2020 1 comment
Hi friends, Adrienne from @studio80design here to show you how to create back-to-school doodles in your Archer and Olive Notebook! School is back for us and my kids could not be more excited! Although it will look a little different this year, I’m thrilled to get back into a schedule and help my boys along the way!

Materials you’ll need:

Doodle 1: Book

The first doodle I drew is a book! Start with the open pages, next add pages behind, then add the cover behind and the bookmark ribbon in front!

Doodle 2: Globe

Start by drawing a circle. Next, add diagonal pieces and an arc. Then finish it by drawing a base and the details on the globe!

Doodle 3: Pencil

Draw the base of the pencil with a rectangle and a triangle tip at the end. Next add the bumpy metal piece and eraser at the end. Last add the line details to the pencil as well as the graphite tip!

Doodle 4: Backpack

Begin by drawing the outside shape of the backpack, a mix between oval and rectangle. Then draw the small storage pouch in front. Last, add the straps and tag and it’s complete!

Doodle 5: Paper

Draw a rectangle. Then draw the three holes on the left side of the page. Finish by adding the lines to the paper!
Learn how to draw back-to-school doodles in your notebook with Adrienne from @studio80design!
These back to school doodles will come in handy for any school lists you make in your notebook, like I did in mine!
Learn how to create back-to-school doodles in your notebook with Adrienne from @studio80design!
I hope you found these doodle instructions helpful! For more inspiration like this, make sure to follow me @studio80design! Have a great school year!
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