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Spring Break Activity Ideas

by Guest Blogger 21 Feb 2021 0 Comments

Hey-lo! Marsha here from Do You Salut! Spring break might look different this year but that doesn't mean you can't have fun! Today we're working on a simple "Spring Break Ideas" spread to help you make the most out of your time off. 


Recommended Supplies: 


Step 1:  Sketch the Title 

The first step in creating this spread is to write "SPRING BREAK" in fun letters. I was inspired by the bubble letters by  fellow design team member Masha Plans .  Another  fun font to use can be "Curlz". 

Step Two: Fill in the Bubbles! 

The next step is to fill in the bubbles using the acrylograph pens. If you have a 3mm pen you can still use it to fill out the letters. I liked the precision that the 0.7mm gave me. *Acyrlotip: Don't forget to shake and pump your pen well before using. Kraft paper has a bit of hard texture, so if your pen isn't saturated enough it might scratch the paper and leave blank spaces. 


Step Three: Fill in the Fun! 

The next step is to write down some fun activities you can do during your Spring Break.  I'd recommend reviewing your local city and state websites for up-to-date information on health and safety recommendations. Here are some suggestions:

Visit a state or national park

State and national parks are full of fresh air and wide space where you can practice social distancing.

Try a paint by numbers

I recently started this paint by numbers activity. It reminds me of the color by numbers books I used to do growing up. Depending on how detailed the painting is, you probably have yourself a week long activity. If you live near a park you can even take the activity with you and paint outside.  

Read a book

It's always good to dig into a good book. 

Declutter your tech

This is a great time to clear out your phone and laptop. 

Spring clean your home

We all have too much "stuff". Spring break can be a great time to "spring clean" your home. 

Binge a t.v show or movie series

Need I say more..... 

Visit a museum:

Museums are away to get out of the house and soak up inspiration. Most museums have 

Visit an outdoor experience in your city

Local cities and towns are always coming up with creative ways to keep its citizens engaged. I've seen scavenger hunt activity at Grand Central station in NYC. These activities can be done safely while practicing social distancing. 

Start a new hobby

Why not try your hand at something new: rollerskating, guitar playing, knitting, etc. 


I hope you have a wonderful spring break and that this spread gives you a couple ideas on how to enjoy your time off. If you recreate this spread or have any more Spring Break ideas be sure to tag us at Do You Salut  and Archer and Olive's community page. 

Happy Spring Breaking!  


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