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Spring Cleaning Tracker For Your Mental Health

by Guest Blogger 22 Mar 2021 0 Comments

Hi friends, I’m Robin also known as Crafty Planner Queen you can find me on Instagram @craftyplanner_queen. I am decorative planner, bujo lover, and a Mental Health Therapist. I’m extremely passionate about cleanliness in my environmental and mental space.

We always talk about the benefits of Spring Cleaning our homes to start the new season with freshness. How about Spring Cleaning our minds? I’ve prepared a bujo guide with 7 tips to help you “take out the trash” mentally and go into the Spring with newness. 


Picture of recommended supplies

I’ve listed 6 tips my tracker and 1 day for reflections. It doesn’t matter how many tips you use, as long as you use at least one week to complete all these therapeutic/self care cleaning tips. For every Cleaning tip I’ve included 3 action steps for you to complete. (You can aim to do all 3, but don’t stress) Also, fine tune the action to fit your daily life, these are just examples.

Spring is a glorious time of the year because after harsh winter conditions it’s nothing like a season where everything is in Bloom. You are no exception its also a time for you to blossom and I hope this tracker helps. Let’s get to it!


Here are a few ways you can Spring Clean your Mental Space:

  1. Sweep Away Guilt
  2. Mop Up Racing Thoughts
  3. Clean & Purge
  4. Air Dirty Laundry
  5. Absorb the Light
  6. Wash Away Comparison
  7. Safeguard your Intentions

Cleaning for mental health spread

Example: (Tip 1) Sweep Away the Guilt 

We often spend so much time ruminating over the things we haven’t done, goals we didn’t accomplish, and things that are totally out of our control. Here are 3 action steps to help you sweep away any guilt you’ve been holding onto.

  • Write yourself a short note/letter of forgiveness
  • Talk it out. Talk to a friend or even a mental health professional about releasing guilt 
  • Half Full Concept. It may seem cliché, but using the idea that your glass is half full instead of half empty is really useful. Don’t beat yourself up for having a half full glass but ponder one way you can use the Spring to fill your cup a little more

Spring clean spread


Example: (Tip 5) Absorb the Light

It’s really easy to feel darkness especially if you are a person that struggles with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. It has been dark times for many across the globe, especially in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic. There are many ways to soak up the light, just like a sponge; here are a few of my favorites:

  • Get some Vitamin D (supplements or Sun)
  • Practice daily “light” practices such as, mediation, yoga, or mindfulness.
  • Positive Affirmations: Affirm yourself! Be kind to yourself and speak light over your life.

Mental health spread

I used 7 oversized doodles to symbolize each of these cleaning tools. Tip: Use your notepad first to practice your doodles. If you want to complete a tracker but don’t have the time or skill to draw it out, simply create a list! Remember to check off your action steps as you complete them and you can use your Acrylograph pens to color coordinate.

Reflections spread

Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore; it can be a self-care activity. If you want to make it more interactive ask a loved one or friend to participate! I hope you enjoyed these tips and will find them helpful to improve your mental capacity as you step into a new season of your life. Happy Spring Cleaning friends!

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