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Sunglasses Mood Tracker Tutorial

by Guest Blogger 15 Jul 2020 0 Comments

Hey-lo! It's Marsha from Do You Salut! Summer is in full effect in the Northern Hemisphere and what better way to enjoy these summer days than to have a sunglasses mood tracker in your bullet journal!

Recommended Supplies: 

Archer and Olive A5 Signature Dot Grid Notebook 

Tombow Pencil 

Tombow Mono Eraser 

Crayola Supertip Markers or Colored Pencils 

Pacific Arc 0.3 Black Ink Pen

Gold marker or pen 

Lettering Stencils 


Too Much Fun Shades 

Let’s be honest, sometimes we can have too much fun in the sun and our sunglasses break. This mood tracker gives off a shattered glasses effect for those times when we’re having too much fun in the sun.


Step 1: Write the Title Header

The first step is to write out the title header. I used a stencil to create this fun lettering for the word “Moods”. The word “Moods” gives off a more casual vibe compared to writing out “mood tracker”. You can also add an extra design on the two O’s to give it a more unique look.


Step 2: Draw one big pair of sunglasses.

  • First, draw to big circles horizontally next to each other. (Try to leave about 2-3 dots in between the circles. This will be the bridge part of your glasses.)
  • Then draw a line from the edge of the circle on the left to the circle to the right. Then draw another line beneath the first line. (This is now the bridge of the glasses.)
  • Now sketch out the glasses frame to the design of your choosing. You can draw ovals around the lenses. You can give your glasses frames wings, or you can draw cat eyes for a dramatic pair of shades.


Step 3: Draw in the cracks.

Now it’s time to draw the cracks into the glasses lens. Draw a small dot in the center of the lens. Then draw a zigzag line from the center dot to the edge of the lens. You can repeat this step for the number of days you want.


Step 4: Decide on the moods.

Sometimes it can get overwhelming trying to decide what was the mood for the day. Maybe you start off the day excited and then mid-day something upsetting happens. On days like that its hard to pick one color to summarize the day. That’s why you can choose to do just two colors to represent: good days and bad days.


Step 5: Fill in the blank spaces

Shattered sunglasses

Now its time to pretty up the page! You can add washi tape, stickers, or draw summer-themed doodles to your page. I drew a couple of suns and used ice cream stickers.


Three’s A Company Sunglasses

This tracker has three different sunglasses and you can track your moods on each lens.

Step 1: 3 Pairs of Sunglasses

Draw the title, “mood tracker” at the top of the page. You can use whatever font you would like. Then draw 3 pairs of sunglasses (following the instructions above in step 2).


Step 2: Draw the daily moods.

three sunglasses

For the top glasses, you can draw 5-6 vertical lines in each lens.

For the 2nd pair of glasses, you can draw a dot in the center of each lens. Then draw a straight line from the center of the lens to the edge. Repeat this process until you have about 5-6 sections in each lens.

For the third pair of sunglasses, you can draw a horizontal line from the left edge of the glasses to the right edge of the glasses. You can draw however many lines you need to have enough lines for each day of the month.


Step 3: Adding the finishing touches.

Colorful three sunglasses mood tracker

Color the frames of the glasses using whichever color you would like. (I recommend gold!) Then choose what colors you want to associate with the moods. I would recommend using multiple colors instead of doing the good day/bad day method we used earlier. Add washi tape, stickers, or summer doodles to add some extra personality to the mood tracker page.

two page sunglasses mood tracker

Hopefully, these mood tracker ideas can bring some fun into your bullet journal. Which mood tracker is your favorite? If you recreate these be sure to tag @doyousalut and @archerolive so we can see your beautiful creations.

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