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Plan With Me: Emoji Theme

by Maria Irina 13 Jul 2020 0 Comments

Hey and welcome back to yet another Plan With Me post.

Masha here from Masha Plans and today we are tackling a very interesting monthly theme - emoji!

I was really excited to give this topic a try to be honest because it seems like such a happy theme and I really need all the happiness I can get.

So let’s dive in and it’ll be up to you to judge how well I covered this theme.

Pss, there’ll also be a free printable available, so be sure to check it in the end!


B5 Archer and Olive Notebook - best paper ever and so much space!

Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens - my go-to fineliners with their beautiful rich black ink.

Zebra Mildliners - emoji means a lot of yellow and there is no better yellow than the one from Zebra.

Helix Circle Maker - there are a lot of circles here and this tool is an absolute must when it comes to creating good-looking circles in your journal.


It took me a while to figure out my cover page idea. 

masha plans, plan with me, bullet journal setup, archer and olive, emoji theme

Probably if I had a smaller notebook, I’d cover it all with different emoji. But for B5 I felt like it would be too much. So I tried to be a bit conservative with it.

I do realize that most of these emojis are negative, but this wasn’t done on purpose! This was just a day when I thought we got mashed potatoes for lunch and it turned out to be rice. I was beyond disappointed! How can someone be so evil?!


The Monthly log is always a very small area in my setups, and this time, it’s even smaller!

masha plans, archer and olive, monthly log, bujo monthly, bullet journal spread, habit tracker

July will be my month when I’m finally back home, so I’m taking some well-deserved vacation, not following any to-do list, and simply enjoying my time with the hubby.

That’s why I left only space to write any important dates, like birthdays or my beauty appointments (which I need badly!)

Below, therefore, is my habit tracker.

I couldn’t help myself so I added a few work-related tasks, but honestly, it was just a force of habit! Plus I do have tons of deadlines by the end of July so once the vacation is over it’s working twice as hard for me!


This is honestly my favorite spread this month!

mood tracker, bullet journal tracker, masha plans, archer and olive, bullet journal setup

Having an emoji theme means I can actually easily add a lot of different emotions and I won’t get lost in what the colors mean.

For me that way it’s so much easier to see how the month went because you can get it from just one glance at the expressions of these little guys.

I’m really looking forward to filling it out, I think it will also be pretty cute and fun to draw faces each day. A bit of creativity exercise.


The final spread for this month is my gratitude log.

bullet journal, archer and olive, masha plans, gratitude log, bullet journal spread, bullet journal setup

I’ll be back with my husband and the rest of the family and I really want to concentrate on spending time together and appreciating each and every one of them and everything they have done for me.


I hope you enjoyed looking through these pages and maybe feel like creating an emoji theme yourself as well!

It's a really fun and very simple theme to create, so I strongly recommend it!

To help you get started I created a little printable for you - an emoji mood tracker.

freebie, free printable, bullet journal, mood tracker, archer and olive, masha plans

It’s all ready, just be sure to add what emoji symbolizes what for you and it’s ready to use!

Sign up in the form below to grab your copy of this cute tracker.

Have you ever created an emoji theme in your Bullet Journal?

If this post inspired you to try it or you decide to use this mood tracker - be sure to tag me (@mashaplans) and @archerandolive on Instagram, we’d love to see your creations!

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling and it’s ok to be a blob if you need to!

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