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Tips For Bullet Journal Themes That Cross Page Colors In The Archer and Olive Neapolitan Notebook

by Design Team 12 Jan 2022 0 Comments

Hey everyone! It’s Chloe here from @bulletjournalbychloe and this time I’m showing you how I use my Archer and Olive Neapolitan bullet journal and themes that cross page colours! I use a Neapolitan journal as my Bujo and each month I use two segments of colour. I will show you how I do this and how I choose bullet journal themes that will work across two different coloured pages.

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Okay… go grab your supplies and let’s start creating!

How I use a Neapolitan as my Bujo 

neapolitan pages

If you follow me on instagram, you will know that I love using a Neapolitan journal for my Bujo. The way I make it work is to use two sections of colours per month. For example, white and Kraft paper. This is a great way to section up your Bujo and work out how many months I can fit in my Bujo. I normally can fit 4 months using this method, which allows me a set up section at the front and a reflection section at the back. 

When choosing themes each month, I love thinking of how I can mix the two colour pages within the theme. I’ll now show you different ways I create themes so they work across the two colours and I will show you what I do when I come to the page when the colours change.


Using the two colours within your theme

Kraft and white pages

This is a really creative way to make a Neapolitan journal fun. I like to glue in paper to match the colours that are coming later in that month. For example, in this pic, I have white pages but I have added Kraft paper to match the Kraft ear paper that will come later within that month's theme.

Kraft and white pages

In the second pic you can see how I have switched this. I have Kraft paper but glued in white paper. This is a great way to match the two coloured papers throughout the month. It also fun to experiment how you are going to make a theme work using two different coloured pages.

Picking the right pens

Kraft and black pages

Pen choice is key when making a theme across two coloured pages. In this pic, for the line work I have used a black fine liner for the outline of my mandalas. When I crossed over to the black pages, I swapped out my black fine liner for a white acrylograph for the line work. When picking my themes, I also think about how I can make a nice contrast when I change coloured paper. Acrylographs work amazingly across all types of paper so these are my go tos.

Pen Test Pages

pen test page

Sometimes I’m not sure what to create when the colours change, I like to use a pen test page. I’ll test out in small boxes all the pens that I might want to use on that colour paper. This is a great way to work out which ones look great and which ones should be saved for the white paper. In my experience, some colouring pens look a little different in colour on the Kraft paper so doing a pen test will help you see which colours you want to use in the future. 

Dutch Doors

As mentioned in my video, I’m currently experimenting with making Dutch doors across the two coloured pages. I’m using the two coloured pages meeting as a chance to show a contrast of the theme. The black pages will be a fiery Pokémon and the white paper will change into a cute Pokémon. I will use the Dutch door booklet in the middle for weeklies. Make sure to check out my video to see how I’m experimenting with this idea. 

Go and Experiment

Time to go and experiment. You can use any theme within a Neapolitan journal. As long as you plan how you want it to look on the two different coloured pages, any theme will work! You can keep it simple or you can get creative through mixing the coloured pages and glueing in scraps to make the theme match throughout the month. 

Feeling inspired? Great! You can use many of these ideas and combine them together to make spreads and themes that are more personalised to you. I hope this inspires you to pick up a Neapolitan Bujo :)


Want to see more? Check out this video where I talk through each some of my Neapolitan themes and how I construct it each month


Finally, make sure you grab your free printable as a guide or to print out for your journal:

Printable checklist

I hope you enjoyed this blog! Make sure to tag me (@bulletjournalbychloe) and Archer and Olive (@archerandolive) in any of your recreations and use the hashtag #AOShare #archerandolive! Have fun exercising! 

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