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How To Use A Grid Spacing Guide For Your Bullet Journal Monthly Set Up

by Design Team 13 Jan 2022 1 comment

Hello Friends!  It’s Rose here again from @littlemissrose on Instagram and YouTube.  If you’ve purchased a notebook from the latest Archer & Olive Fall collection this year, you will have discovered this awesome grid guide inside the front cover of your notebook.  If you haven’t got one you can still get one here.

bullet journal supplies

The Archer & Olive grid guide may look like a random piece of card with holes cut from it, but it is actually an incredibly useful tool in setting up pages in your bullet journal.  You can see how I use it to set up some simple monthly and weekly layouts in this video here:

The Grid Guide

Let’s find our way around the grid guide!  

On the left hand side is a ruler in inches.  The numbers down the left hand side correspond with the number of “squares” in an A5 notebook.  The notches here indicate the middle of the page.  The notch at number 13 indicates the middle of the page from left to right, and the notch at number 19 indicates the middle of the page from top to bottom.

These notches can help you perfectly divide you pages into 4 squares, which is great for a super simple bullet journal weekly spread like this one:

making a weekly spread

Vertical Layout using the Grid Guide

If you have a preference for vertical layouts then the grid guide is great to help you set up a vertical weekly layout as well.  You can use the “8 boxes” slots to perfectly map out 3 columns across each page:

Vertical Layout using the Grid Guide

Horizontal Layout using the Grid Guide

You can also create a horizontal layout using the grid guide in much the same way as the last layout.  Using the “12 boxes” slots on the grid guide, you can split your pages into 3 boxes down the page, like this layout:

Horizontal Layout using the Grid Guide

Monthly Layout using the Grid Guide

To create a monthly layout using the grid guide, I’ve found the perfect fit for an A5 notebook is to use the “6 boxes” and “5 Boxes”.  A monthly calendar can fit perfectly wit boxes 5 squares wide and 6 squares high.  You can use the slots as guides instead of counting out the number of boxes.  This will definitely make preparing your monthly log a lot faster.

You can also mix it up by creating smaller 5x5 boxes for your calendar.

Monthly Layout using the Grid Guide

I hope you’ve found this blog post useful and helped you to work out how to use the Archer & Olive Grid Guide. Remember to download your free printable, and tag me @littlemissrose and @archerandolive to share your inspiration with us!

bullet journal weekly spread template

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1 comment

25 Aug 2022 margaret

Thank you so much these really help a lot!

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