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Tips to Creating your perfect future log!

by Nicola Knobel 09 Sep 2019 0 Comments

Hi, Nicola here from My Inner Creative. Today we are taking you right back, all the way back to the start of your journal and what you need to get started. If you are a newbie starting out – this is totally for you! If you have been journaling for a while, then this might be a nice refresher or something you can use in your next journal.

So we are going to focus on Bullet Journaling today, and if you have read the book by Ryder Carroll, you’ll have heard of or seen the term “Future Log”. Future log represents a snapshot or overview of sometime in advance. It could be a year; It could be 6months or 3 months. It captures all the things you want to keep track of in your future. We will cover off some things you can track in your future log a little later in this post.

Where do I put the future log in my bullet journal?

This is always a common question for those starting out. This is completely personal and based on what you might use the most. Some people don’t even use a future log. Most commonly though people place the future log at the front of their notebook, so that they can see a year at a glance!

What do I put into or track in my future log?

The options are completely endless! You can place birthdays, upcoming events, holidays, important meetings, important events, public holidays. I have seen some future logs track “a word a day” for a year, or even your mood over a year. So really depending on what you are planning to user your notebook for, will kind of dictate what you want to pop into that awesome future log!

How should my future log look?

Again! Totally personal. If you want it to be simple and easy to read, then make it simple, if you want something more flourished then use that too. It’s what works for you.   Some notebooks or planners have a future log already placed in the notebook, like Rhodia or Ana Tomy, both have pre printed spaces in the front of the notebook for this funcation.

You can easily make it vertical or horizontal and both work equally as well.

What if the dates don’t look right?

Some people glitch on the idea that you might put an event at the top of the list for “27th August – Jem Birthday” and then later down the track the next line down might be “13th August – Engagement Party” – so in essence the dates not being numerical any more. You can overcome this a couple of ways:

  1. Get over it – Yup I said it – Get over it. Deal with the fact that life is life and sometimes the dates are not quite right
  2. Use small post it notes and when you reach that month, pop them into numerical order
  3. Use a dated Future Log and then place the events or information next to the dates.

I am 6 months into journaling and haven’t used my future log once!

That’s totally ok! Some of us don’t and some of us do! That’s what makes Bullet Journaling so great is that it is unique to YOU!

So if you haven’t used it and its just blank space and crickets, don’t fret. Go back and use it as a memory keeping spread. Pop some key events into the calendar and use color or stickers or paint to make it more like a spread than a future log and that way you have a safe haven for all the special things that may have happened over that time!

Tips for making your future log perfect!

Now I have done a number of future logs in my time and let me tell you one thing, there is one thing I always mess up – the dates! 

  1. Print out a list of dates from your calendar so you can see the dates you are writing down in front of you. 
  2. Use dated washi tape to make vertical columns for your future log.
  3. Use stamps for the dates – it makes doing it really quick and easy
  4. Use a date stencil – this keeps your numbers and letters in line! Easy but time consuming to write 365 days and numbers!
  5. AND THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT – take your time and go slow! If you slow down there is less chance for mistakes! 

I would love to see how your future log came out! Use the hash #aofuturelog and I will feature some of these over @theartofbujo! 

3 ways to making doing a future log a breeze!

1. Use stamps to make it really simple for you. You can use monthly blocks or vertical lines of dates and days. The block calendars can be used both horizontally or vertically. 

2. Use Washi Tape that is pre printed with dates to make things easier for you!

3. Use a stencil to guide your writing and tables!

Finally - for almost all those months, I use simple planner stickers so that I didn't have to write the month again and again!

Here is the awesome 6 Month Printable Freebie!

If you want to watch the full video on how to create these awesome future log spreads watch below!

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