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What is Memory Planning and Why is it Important + Free Memory Prompt Printable

by Nicola Knobel 09 Sep 2019 0 Comments

Hi! Nicola here from My Inner Creative! The topic I am talking about today, really has a special place for me! Memory planning in your journal or planner can have such importance for so many reasons. It can serve as an opportunity to reflect on things that have happened, it can be a space to look at self-improvement, or even just keep a note of things that have happened with importance in your life. 

What is the purpose of a memory planner?

This is a personal choice, but usually it’s the combination of a normal functional planner, for all your usual day-to-day tasks and then it has the added element of being a scrapbook styled journal to capture any special moment and memories. 

What is the best planner to use for memory planning

Personally, the undated planner I use is amazing; Archer and Olive have really made the space gorgeous to be able to keep general and functional planning in one place, with enough space to create gorgeous and meaningful memories. What I love most about the A&O B5 Undated planner is the heaps of space in the margins to really make it my own, so if I have used up tons of space for my tasks or planning out my day, then I still have a tonne of space around the margin to fill up with mementos and embellishments. 


What should I include in my memory planning?

You can include a tonne of things in your planner and are definitely not limited to one thing or one style. So feel the freedom by including ticket stubs, stickers, flyers or even photos. Using photos is lovely, and some really easy ways of doing that include:

  • Using a photo printer to print small photos
  • Printing photos on sticker paper and sticking them in
  • Printing the photos and cutting them using a sticker cutter
  • Using an instant camera
  • Or even just using old photos and making a collage! 

What do you do with old books with memories?

That’s a great question, and you can easily dispose of them, but if you want to keep them long term, you can store them in a book shelf, box etc, or take photos of them and store them on the cloud. There are tons of options to save your memories in a tonne of different places. Just think about where scrap bookers save things too!

Using prompts to help your memory planning

You might have been planning for so long that you haven’t really thought about keeping a record of the way you have done things in the past. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to be able to write down some cool and cute memories:

  • Things you ate this week
  • Music you are listening too
  • Places you have been
  • Fun things you might have seen or done
  • What are you currently pinning on Pinterest? Or loving on YouTube?
  • Is there any speakers or podcasts you love right now? 

If you would like to download a list of awesome Memory Planning Prompts click here

In summary Memory Planning is a flexible way for you to do your functional planning and save time keeping a journal or diary of events that you wanted to record or save. 

Quick Memory Planning spread!

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