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Top 5 Back To School Bullet Journal Spreads

by Content Team 01 Sep 2022 0 Comments

Hi guys! Yair here from @yairsnotes on Instagram; I hope you are enjoying what little is left of the end of school vacations and to take advantage that we have free time I am going to make a super easy planning for my bullet journal focused on back to school, I will include a cover page, a table of exam results where I will  keep track of my grades at the end of each semester, also wish list to accomplish throughout the cycle and  important notes, my school schedule to better organize the time and finally the planning of the first week,  

This is what I will use: 

  • A5 Neapolitan notebook by Archer & Olive 
  • Acrylic pencils jewel selection 0.7 mm (olive, indigo, mustard, sky blue and maroon)
  • Acrylic pencils warm fall selection 0.7 mm (goldenrod, plum, forest green, dusty mint and mulberry)
  • Black Pigma micron pencil 08  
  • Ruler and pencil 

notebook and acrylographs


1.- Cover and calendar of the month  

For our cover we are going to choose a theme that is pleasant for you and you can capture it in all the planning  so you will have a harmonious view that will make it easier for you to want to use your bullet journal. I chose a  back to school theme so I thought, nothing better than to capture the space of a study desk, so I started by  making the sketches with pencil and then mark them with acrylics so we don't have any mistakes. 

The cover has the month of your back to school in my case is August, but you can put the month you go back to  school. Then I added the calendar to guide me of important dates, I also added some images simulating  decorative pictures like the ones we see in the organizer grids, as well as "welcome" and "back 2 school" signs;  Finally I added the grids to simulate the organization space I mentioned before. 

back to school cover page


2.- Results, notes and wishes sheet. 

I know that sometimes it is a little scary to make planning on a non-white sheet nooteboock, but relax, it is very  easy and quite fun to play with colors, plus we have the acrylics and you can be sure that they work perfect on  dark sheets.  

To continue we put the title "test results" and we draw simulating a detached sheet where inside we will make  the table with the respective spaces of the exams that we normally present at school, so it will be easier to find  in which subjects we should apply ourselves more and in which we are quite good at the time of presenting an  exam, 

On the next sheet which is the Kraft type, we will draw two boxes, a horizontal one of 6 x 11 cm for "to do" and  a vertical one of 6 x 9 cm for "goals" and finally we will draw a hanging box to give an aesthetic touch to our  important notes. 

grade tracker spread


3.- Class Schedule 

Nothing more important for the return to class than your personal schedule of the subjects you will have in the  school year, so we will allocate two pages to make our table. 

Continuing with the study desk theme, I drew on both pages a rubber square supported by decorative clips in a  centered way, inside we are going to write with white acrylic pen "school schedule", below I drew a table with  6 horizontal spaces that I will use for the time and day of the week and 8 vertical spaces to put the times and  subjects corresponding to the day of the week; in my case these are the ones that I use for school, but you can  adapt the spaces to your times. 

class schedule spread


4.- Weeklyplanner 

We know that every day of the week is important to organize our activities and our time can be used to the  maximum, as we know being a student is very absorbing and in some very demanding careers we know the  importance of this activity; To have more control over it the next two pages are destined to the weekly  planning, without leaving the theme I made 5 rectangles of 6 x 7 cm one for each day of the week and one of 6  x 10 cm for the weekend. At the top I added a clip that simulates holding each rectangle. Then with the  stylograph I drew a grid on the back of the rectangles and so we continued with the theme of the cover. On  one side I drew a backpack, a pen and some airpods that I filled with acrylics; Finally I added the name of the  month and the miniature calendar to have the dates at hand when putting the activities. 

(bullet journal weekly spread

I hope you like this planning and enjoy it as much as I do, remember that the colors and themes can be  modified and shaped to your liking, the important thing is to have fun and enjoy every page. I wish you the best  in this new school year and that all your goals are met, remember that success is the result of every small  action. 

Watch me set it up here:

If you like my style and need more inspiration for your homework or planning you can follow me on my  Instagram @yairnostes. 

Love, Yair V

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