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How To Use EVERYTHING In The September 2022 Subscription Box

by Content Team 03 Sep 2022 10 Comments

sub box slightly open

Hi everyone! We are so excited to fully reveal all the items in the September 2022: Forest Heirloom. New subscribers will be able to get the box TOMORROW - 5th September at 9am CT!!

The best part about receiving a subscription box is getting the chance to try new things. We always try to include some new products, designs, and options every quarter.

This collection in particular was created to inspire you to get outside and really explore nature, and we curated this box to have the tools for you to do just that. As you open the box, we want it to feel like taking a stroll through a forest, basket in hand, collecting foliage while resting your feet at an A-Frame cabin that you stumbled upon.

The items in this box are intended for when you want to use your books and supplies in a very intentional and special way. Maybe preserving memories, intentional journaling, or dedicated to something important to you.

While we want you to use this box in a way that is unique and personal to you, sometimes we all need a little bit of inspiration on different ways we can use the items found inside! So today we’ll be sharing some ideas on how to use EVERYTHING in the subscription box this quarter! 

If you haven't received your box yet, don't worry! You can easily plan out ideas and get excited for your new supplies by reading this blog. Excited to get creative? Then let's jump right into the box!


What’s In The September Sub Box?

This time around, the team was inspired by atmospheric forests and vintage heirloom. When you open your box, we want you to feel transported into nature.

Inside the box, you’ll find: 

  • B5 Velvet Dot Grid Notebook with Ivory Pages
  • B6 Ring Bound Dot Grid Notebook
  • Translucent Stickers
  • Wooden Ruler
  • Pack Of 5 Acrylograph Pens
  • Flower Press
  • Set Of 4 Washi Tapes
  • Vintage Inspired Ribbon
  • Alphabet Stamps Ink Pad


B5 Velvet Dot Grid Notebook

b5 velvet notebook

This notebook is truly unique. We wanted to make each detail special so you could use it as an Heirloom Book, something that could be used for years and years and even get passed down in your family.

Firstly, this B5 notebook is our first ever Velvet cover! The material is extremely luxurious, soft and durable for the fabric. The striking deep green color will transport you into nature, and the ivory pages help give the book a more vintage inspired feel.

Another new addition you may have spotted is a ribbon enclosure. This is to allow for any expanding if you wish to add and stick things onto the pages. It will also feel like you are opening something special every time you go to use this notebook. And absolutely no aspect is overlooked, the end pages have gorgeous nature-inspired artwork and the pages are gilded with rose gold.

ribbon enclosure

While you can use this notebook for anything you would like, here are some ideas we had for such a special notebook:

  • Heirloom notebook
  • Scrapbooking
  • Memory keeping
  • Intentional journaling
  • Dedicated journal that could be passed down to family (flower pressing, recipes, gardening).

wedding memories spread

We would love to know what YOU would like to use this notebook for!


B6 Ring Bound Dot Grid Notebook

b6 ring bound notebook

Next up, our second journal in the box is a B6 Ring Bound Notebook. Because the main notebook in this box could feel a little intimidating, we wanted this one to feel more approachable. While still gorgeous with decorative end pages and a luxury vegan leather cover, the binding means you can easily remove pages if required, and the smaller size can feel less daunting. The binding also allows for plenty of room for bulk when adding in things to the pages. For example, this would be great to document your pressed flowers, scrapbooking and more.

scrapbooking with flowers example

See a flip through of Bonnie's notebook here!

Here are some other ideas we loved:

  • Flower pressings
  • Scrapbooking
  • Practice journal
  • Travel documenting
  • Plein air drawings/paintings

memory keeping example

For our left handed community, we know ring bound can be a little difficult, so we made it dot grid so you can technically use it in any direction. We thought you may prefer to use the notebook landscape. Or pick a use from the list that doesn't require as much writing.


Translucent Stickers

translucent stickers

Stickers are really useful in scrapbooking and vintage spreads, so we HAD to include some in this box. To stay in keeping with the vintage theme, we printed the stickers on Sulfate paper. This is what gives them a luxurious transparent finish that blends into the pages and your designs.

sticker on laptop

And of course, these stickers are sometimes too pretty to confine to a notebook! Put them on your laptop, phone case, or even on the cover of your journal.

And don't forget to make use of the the packaging of all the items. Here's a fun quick tutorial on how to make the sticker packaging into a photo frame for a 3x3 picture:

photo frame tutorial

  1. Cut out the front piece of the packaging
  2. Cut slits on each corner with a craft knife
  3. Slip in each corner by bending the packaging back.
  4. Attach to page!

 photo frame in spread


Wooden Ruler

wooden ruler

As you sit using your notebook surrounded by nature, the last thing you want to pull you out of the moment is a metal ruler. Therefore, we created an engraved wooden ruler. This laser engraved ruler is 15cm long, meaning it perfectly aligns to the 5mm dot grid, and it features a gorgeous floral design.

wooden ruler in use

Aside from feeling nice to use, our wooden ruler is thicker and softer material than plastic and metal rulers, meaning it can be much better for the longevity of your pen nibs.


Pack Of 5 Acrylograph Pens

Acrylograph Pens

When thinking about what pens to add to the box, we knew straight away it had to be the Acrylographs. Our acrylic paint pens are extremely versatile, allowing you to use them on all type of mediums.

Acrylograph Pens

As we we encourage you to get outside, we also challenge you to use the Acrylograph Pens in new ways! For example, drawing on leaves, rocks, flowers, wood and more.

acrylographs on wood

Here's a great place to see some more ways to use out Acrylograph pens! But of course, this list isn't exhaustive. We would love to know if you find more uses while out in nature!


Flower Press

flower press box

We are extremely excited to bring you this brand new product from Archer and Olive: a Flower Press. As we encourage you to get outside with nature, we thought what better way to bring the feeling of nature into your creativity time than with flower pressing.

wooden flower press

Simply take a walk and spend some time looking at nature. Notice different shapes and colors of leaves and flowers. Are they fully bloomed? Maybe visit a few times and see how the colors change through the season.

flowers in press

When you've picked and pressed your flowers (note, make sure to follow your country's laws when picking flowers!), you can use them for so many fun things. Maybe document the different flowers in your garden, use them in scrapbooking, preserve important moments and memories with flowers for special occasions. We can't wait to see how you use them! We hope using the wooden press will transport you back into the forest!

pressed flower in use

For subscribers we have a full tutorial with written and video instructions on how to use your press. Simply scan the QR code on the box when you receive your subscription!


Set Of 4 Washi Tapes

vintage washi

To give our washi tape a timeless feeling, we used vintage colors and delicate patterns. Sometimes with washi we want bright and bold patterns, but to really fit the heirloom theme we wanted it to imitate the look of ribbon.

washi in use

It will blend seamlessly into your vintage inspired spreads, or even use it to attach to your flower pressings to your notebook pages!


Vintage Inspired Ribbon

vintage ribbon

Something that HAD to be included in an heirloom, vintage theme is ribbon. We wanted it to feel romantic and vintage so we designed it with a frayed edge in three gorgeous muted colors.

This can be used in so many different ways, but here are some we were excited for:

  • Junk journaling
  • Tying pressed flowers in bouquets
  • Card making
  • Adding vintage elements to spreads
  • Bookmark
  • Flatlay pictures
  • Wax sealing

ribbon in use

Of course there are so many craft ideas with ribbon and we can't wait to see how you use yours!


Alphabet Stamps + Ink Pad

alphabet stamps

And last but not least, two of our favorite items in the box are the Alphabet Stamps and Ink Pad. Nothing says vintage heirloom inspired like some wooden rubber stamps. The stamps includes sans-serif capital alphabet characters, and an exclamation point and question mark.

gold ink pad

And the Aged Gold ink pad is going to blend seamlessly into your vintage pages.

Here are the stamps in action!

stamps in use

To get this effect, we pressed the stamps on the ink pad and paper nice and gently. Or if you would really like to show off they are stamps, you can press down the stamp in the ink more, getting ink on the sides of the rubber stamp. Then when stamping, press hard and rotate the stamp slightly to catch all of the edge on the paper.

hello fall stamps

We love both looks, but which is your favorite?


And that's everything in the box!! To see a full unboxing of the box and each item in detail, make sure to head here:

We hope you love this box just as much as we do. Remember you can sign up tomorrow 9th September at 9am CT and you will receive this box! We would love fro you to tag us at or with #archerandolive on Instagram so we can see your creations! Or even better, we would love for you to share in the community Facebook group! (Archer & Olive Community)

Hope you have a magical day!

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24 Oct 2022 Jessie

Everything in this box is absolutely gorgeous and even more so in person! I’m in love with the theme. The velvet journal is so special and the flower press was such a unique idea. This was my first subscription box and it’s so worth it. Each item, even the packaging, will get so much use. Also super helpful to have videos/blogs for inspiration!

30 Jan 2023 Blanca Lara

Just received My box today. I’m SO excited about using everything.

30 Jan 2023 Nelladet

I just found Archer & Olive and subscribed! WOW! I was overwhelmed by the beauty and quality of the subscription box. Impressed! :) Thank you—your designers are awesome. :)

20 Sep 2022 Lou

Just received by box today and I’m so excited to play with these items! Possibly the best sub box yet.

20 Sep 2022 Adi

I literally gasped when I took out the flocked journal. It feels heirloom, like a journal to write down family traditions and recipes for the holidays. That’s what struck me as soon as I saw it and probably what I’ll do with it!

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