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Using Your Traveler's Notebook for Memory Keeping Your Travels + FREE PRINTABLE

by Guest Blogger 27 Apr 2021 0 Comments

Hey-lo! It’s Marsha from Do You Salut! Today we’re talking about memory keeping your travels in your traveler’s notebook. I love, love, love to travel! So last year when we were all grounded I started feeling antsy. Then I realized that I should explore my city (within the health and safety recommendations of course)! I love taking my traveler’s notebook with me on my explorations as a way to document what I’m feeling or as a way to relax during my travels.  Here are some of the ways I use my traveler’s notebook for memory keeping during my travels. 

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Explore Your City

I consider traveling anytime I leave my front door! Exploring your local town and city is a great way to cure the travel bug. During this past year I’ve been exploring New York more. I’ve been taking advantage of the less crowded places and visiting places I’ve always had on my bucket list but have been too lazy to visit. It’s always great to explore your own backyard! 


My husband and I have different eating schedules which can be tricky when we’re traveling together. He usually likes to take naps in the park around the times I’m ready for a mid-afternoon snack. In order to keep the peace I usually pack a snack for the park and bring my traveler’s notebook with me. I doodle whatever is on my mind. 

Key Words

When traveling to a place that doesn't speak your language it's always a good idea to learn some key words. Writing those key words in your traveler’s notebook can be helpful.  Writing the words will make them more familiar to you when you see them at your location. 

Itinerary Log

Keeping an itinerary in your trip can be a great way to remember all the fun activities you’ve done on your travels. I also like to create a “Next Time” list which has all the activities that I didn’t get to do but will love to do the next time I visit. 

Daily Recap

I like to keep journal entries while traveling. Sometimes it’s just a random quote that resonated during the day. Other times it’s a poem. Other times I write long thoughtful reflections about the day. Having a portable printer can be helpful to include pictures in the traveler’s notebook, they say a picture is worth a million words. 


I love to save the brochures and maps from my travels. However, they have been collecting dust in my memory box. So I decided to cut up parts of the mementos and put them in my travelers notebook. You can also print some of your favorite pictures from your trip and add them to your notebook. 


Although I haven’t been traveling abroad because the world is grounded I’ve used this time to go down memory lane and look at pictures from my old trips. It’s amazing how the memories are still fresh! I’ve written down some thoughts and feelings I had during my travels as a way to keep the memories alive and relive the moments! 


Interested in exploring your city but unsure where to go? Check out this “Explore Your City Scavenger Hunt” printable  to get you started. 

So have you been exploring your city or town? Have you been adventurous and traveled further? Do you keep memories in your traveler's notebook? If you share your spreads be sure to tag me at DoYouSalut and @archerandolive.  Don’t forget to tag for a chance to be featured on our community page. 

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