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Father's Day Quote Page + Printable!

by Guest Blogger 29 Apr 2021 0 Comments

Hello, friends! Elizabeth here from Plant Based Bride on YouTube and @elizabethturn on Instagram. I'm excited to be back again with another blog post, sharing the steps to make this quote page for Father's Day!

Father's Day Quote Page Kraft Paper Archer and Olive

I first want to acknowledge that Father's Day isn't the same for everyone and isn't necessarily a happy occasion. For anyone who has lost their father, never known their father, or broken off contact with their father, I hope you are taking care of yourself and practicing self-care at this time.

For those of us who are fortunate enough to have our fathers in our lives (and to have a good relationship with them), we may want to create a handmade card or quote page to show them how much we care. I've made this quote page in my B5 Neapolitan notebook from Archer & Olive, but you could easily write this quote on a blank card (though I'd suggest drawing guidelines for yourself in pencil to take the place of the ever-handy dot grid!)

If you'd prefer to watch a timelapse of the process rather than following along with this blog post, check out this video:

Without further ado, here are the steps to create this tongue-in-cheek quote page for Father's Day! 

Father's Day Quote Page Kraft Paper Archer and Olive




Start with a sketch of your quote in pencil to figure out the position, sizing, and spacing of your lettering. This is your chance to experiment with the style and overall composition of your quote page! Take your time and erase and change things as needed. I'd highly recommend finding a font you like online and using it as inspiration (especially if you're new to lettering).

Father's Day Quote Page Kraft Paper Archer and Olive


Use your fineliner and ruler to draw all of the straight lines in the letters. I find drawing the straight lines first, then connecting them with curved lines using my circle template, is the easiest way to get the result I'm looking for!

Father's Day Quote Page Kraft Paper Archer and Olive


Use your fineliner and circle template to draw all of the curved lines in the letters and any flourishes, following your pencil sketch and adjusting as needed.

Father's Day Quote Page Kraft Paper Archer and Olive


Use your fineliner to fill in your letters and make final adjustments! You can size up to a larger nib to speed up the process, if you like.

Erase all pencil lines and you're done!

Father's Day Quote Page Kraft Paper Archer and Olive

I'd love to see your version of this quote page if you decide to recreate it. Tag me on Instagram @elizabethturn so I can see it! You can also download the printable version of this quote here:

Father's Day Printable

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