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Washi Tape Swatch Ideas + FREE PRINTABLE

by Guest Blogger 08 Sep 2020 0 Comments

Hey-lo, It’s Marsha from Do You Salut! Washi tape is a great way to add decorations to your bullet journal especially when you are in a rush or not that great at drawing. Washi tape looks different on paper than it does on the roll. I find it helpful to create a swatch page so you can see what your washi designs look like on paper. There are so many ways to create a washi tape swatch page.

The quick easy way would be to just take a piece of your tape and place it on your paper. Or you can incorporate the washi tape into a doodle design. Today I’m going to do a coffee cup doodle swatch. So welcome to Washi Café! 

Recommended Supplies:

  • Archer and Olive Dot Grid Notepads (White, Kraft, Black) You can also use your bullet journal to create the swatch page. I find it useful to use the notepad papers because it's quick to grab and reference. 
  • Washi tapeLast month I went on a washi spree at the Washi Tape shop. I recommend waiting until these shops have sales so you can get the most bang for your buck!
  • Pencil and Eraser
  • Black Ink Pen
  • Exacto Knife You can use the exacto knife to make more precise cuts in the washi tape to fit your coffee cup doodle. 
  • Scissors 


Step 1: Count your washi!

First count how many washi tapes you have (this will let you know how many coffee cups you need to draw).


Step 2: Doodle your coffee cup!

Now it’s time to start sketching your coffee cup. First, draw a line going horizontally. This is the top of your cup. Then, draw a vertical line on both the left and right side of the first horizontal line (this makes up the side of the coffee cup). Then connect the lines to make the bottom of the coffee cup. Finally draw the rim of the coffee cup by drawing a small horizontal half oval on the top of the cup.


Step 3: Decorate Your Cup!

Decorate your cup by using the washi tape. Cut the tape into small pieces that fit inside of the coffee cup. Et viola! You now have a washi tape swatch page.



I recommend repeating these steps on kraft paper and black paper so you can get a better idea of what your tape will look like on the paper.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to washi tape swatch ideas.

Check out some of my favorite swatch ideas:

1. Nail polish Swatch by BlendedBujos 

2.Washi Gift Tags by Granger Studies

3. Books by Suzethcheryl 

4. Washi Plants by For The Joy of Journaling 

5. Washi Grid by Bubblemochi


Hope this gets your creative juices flowing! If you recreate any of the spreads above be sure to tag the creators so they can see your work. Here's a free printable of the coffee cup washi tape spread to help you create your own washi tape café! 

If you recreate the washi cafe be sure to tag me @doyousalut and @archerandolive so we can see your creations. If you want to get anything on the Archer and Olive website you can use the code SALUT10 for 10% discount! Happy Washi taping! 


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