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Top Spreads To Use Your Notebook Daily And Tips To Be Consistent With Journaling

by Ambassador Team 19 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Hello there, Caroline here from carolineace_bujo on instagram and youtube,

Today I want to show you different ways in which you can use your TN or Traveler's Notebook on a daily basis!


First of all, why a traveler's notebook?

A traveler's notebook usually sizes 8.25 x 4.25 which makes it a perfect fit to carry with you wherever you go, while still holding enough space to write and include memorabilia.

If you're in the market  for a new TN notebook I highly recommend archer and olive's dot grid super sturdy 160 gsm travelers notebook which is perfect for any use and medium you choose to work with.


Now what are the benefits of a daily journal?

As we all know, journaling can have a huge positive impact on mental wellness, and creating a daily journaling habit can help reduce stress and anxiety, can help you improve memory and regulate emotions, and it can help you achieve your goals and stay organized.

So here is a list of the different ways you can use a TN Daily!


Memory keeping:

I write on my TN every day to help me remember what I have done that day, similar to a dear diary, this is a way for expression of emotions, and feelings related to each day.

Memory keeping can also be as simple as listing what you did, what you ate and whom you interacted with.

daily memory keeping


Meal tracker

Another way you can use your TN daily is to keep track of each meal you eat every day.

A simple BLDS (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack) list can help you recognize eating patterns if you’re on a health journey or if you want to experiment with new cuisine.

meal tracker



A gratitude journal is another perfect use for a TN daily, writing what you’re thankful for each day. This kind of practice can help increase happiness, optimism and strengthen relationships. Here we see Joana @plandreamlive create her daily gratitude pages on her TN journal.



Daily tasks

Similar to bullet journaling, you can use your TN for daily tasks, in this example we can see Sian @perceivegrace use her TN daily to keep track of her morning, afternoon and evening tasks and she also includes a reflection of her day section.

daily TN


Daily Steps or Daily fitness

Another day to use your TN daily is to track your fitness routine, on this example Amanda @shenoteditall shows us how she tracks her daily steps.

Daily Steps


Reading Goals

You can also use your TN daily to track daily reading pages, or as a reading journal Pauline @paleopauline shows us her reading challenge.

reading goals


Junk journaling/Collaging

And if you rather express yourself by art you can use your TN as a junk journal, Birtni from @tedy_Ate_my_journal creates fun junk journal pages on her Travelers notebook.

junk journaling

Now that you have all the different ideas, I want to give you some tips to stay consistent on using your TN Daily.

  1. Create a routine, this can be as simple as choosing 5 minutes each day (either morning or night) to log on your journal.
  2. Make it fun not a task, for me including deco makes me excited! Find what makes journaling fun and include it into your routine.  
  3. Use journaling prompts, I'm providing you with a free printable of 50 journaling prompts you can use!
  4. Set up in advance when possible. If your TN requires setting up, try doing it in advance so your daily routine is focused on writing or loging only. Make sure to check out my video on how I set up my TN in advance in under 5 minutes!.
  5. If you use your TN Daily for art or junk journal, try having a delegated box of supplies so you don't spend extra time finding the right tools!

Grab your free journaling prompts here:

free journaling prompts

If you found this helpful and want to get started on your own TN daily journey, check out my video on how I quickly set up and decorate my spreads:

And if you want more on traveler's notebook check out this blog on using a Traveler's Dot Grid Notebook For My Food Adventures 

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