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Winter Bucket List

by Liz Gray 29 Nov 2019 3 Comments

Hi friends, it's Liz from @thegraytergood here with a fun bullet journal spread idea - a winter bucket list! I had intended for this to last me all winter long, but I started adding things I wanted to do and they all ended up being Christmas activities sooooo I just rolled with it. Feel free to use this tutorial to create your own spread style + add some colors, or use the free printable and get right back to enjoying this upcoming holiday season! 







1. Decide how large you want your spread title to be, and gently cut or tear a piece out of your black paper that fits. Fix it to your bullet journal page using some acid-free glue or tape. I love to use a tape runner for things like this, which you can easily find on Amazon or at your local craft store. 

2. Use a pencil to gently trace your roll of washi tape to get that perfect circle, and use that as the baseline for your 'bucket list' title. Outline everything in a gel pen and let it dry, then use your eraser to get rid of all the pencil marks. 

3. Now for the fun part - filling in your bucket list! I've added a few of my favorite Christmasy things to mine and plan to write down more as I think of them:) You can add little doodles of cookies, candy canes, trees, or lights to this page too, whatever gets you in that festive mood! 



This time of year is seriously my favorite, and I'm so excited to start checking things off of my bucket list! I hope y'all enjoyed this little tutorial, and be sure to tag me on Instagram @thgraytergood if you recreate this spread! 


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08 May 2020 Sarah

What kind of gel pen are you using?

02 Jan 2020 Liz

Hello! This is actually not a font, the letters are drawn by hand but based on several tall san serif sources. Feel free to use a similar style for your own journal if you wish, and thanks for asking!

02 Jan 2020 may

did you create the font for the ‘winter’ part or its inspired? iloved it but i wanted to write something else in this font

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