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How To Create A Holiday Bucket List

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  • By : Maria Irina

    Hey there, Masha here from Masha Plans and we’re about to create one more super fun Bullet Journal page, the perfect fit for the holiday season.

    What are we doing today? A holiday bucket list of course!

    Together with the Christmas tree lights and holiday shopping, come tons of fun activities, that are available only during this season. So, I always find it useful to create a bucket list and make sure you remember all the best things to do in the spirit of this holiday season!

    Plus, creating a bucket list is a great way to build excitement and anticipation for the holiday to come. And I bet you could use extra cheer in this cold season, I know I totally did when Beijing winter hit!

    Before we dive into activities I chose, here are a few ideas for you:

    1. Buy and decorate a Christmas tree
    2. Hang stockings
    3. Decorate the house with Christmas lights
    4. Drink some hot cocoa
    5. Watch a Christmas movie by the fire
    6. Enjoy looking at Christmas lights
    7. Get a holiday coffee drink
    8. Buy Christmas socks
    9. Build a snowman
    10. Have a family board game night with Christmas music in the background
    11. Drink eggnog by the fire
    12. Try a new winter recipe
    13. Watch the snow fall
    14. Visit a Christmas fair
    15. Build a gingerbread house
    16. Go ice skating
    17. Make an advent calendar
    18. Wear your favorite tacky Christmas sweater
    19. Go sledding
    20. Send out Christmas cards
    21. Visit a tree-lighting ceremony 

    Now I hope you have an idea of what you want from your bucket list, so let’s get planning!

    Supplies Used

    Notebook: as always I’m with my favorite B5 Archer and Olive notebook

    Fineliners: my selection this time is Faber Castell Pigment Pens

    Colors: of course you want your holiday spread to be joyful and colorful, so be sure to grab your favorite markers. I used my Karin Markers.

    Pick the activities

    As I always say, it’s all about preparation, so before you take your pencil in your hand be sure to think about what kind of activities you want to include.

    I’ll be honest - this time I didn’t do it. Partly because I came up with activities for this blog post and that was kind of my preparation. But also partly because these are just too many awesome things you can be doing and I knew it would be impossible to fit them all.

    Sketch the page

    The next step is, of course, sketching the page. 

    bullet journal, bucket list, masha plans, B5 notebook, sketch, archer and olive

    You can just barely sketch to make sure are properly spaces, or you can go more details (like I usually prefer). The more detailed option helps me to avoid mistakes.

    Use that fineliner

    Once you’re done sketching, it’s time to use the fineliner and draw all the elements properly.

    bullet journal page, masha plans, archer and olive, christmas bucket list, bucket list, black and white, B5 notebook

    Since I did a very detailed sketch, this step is usually pretty simple.

    Add color

    This is my absolute favorite part of creating any spreads.

    bullet journal page, masha plans, bucket list, christmas, holidays, archer and olive, B5 notebook

    As you can see, my spread has some very generic ideas. It’s because this is the first Christmas I’m spending in the southern hemisphere, so I tried to come up with ideas that will be available to me here. Obviously, fun things like ice skating were off the table.

    Doodle With Me Video

    Hopefully, I got you all pumped up for creating your own holiday bucket list. So here is a little bonus for you - a Doodle With Me video which will show you how to doodle all the things you'd want to add to your list!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your bucket lists, be sure to tag me and @archerandolive on Instagram and show us what fun activities you enjoy during the holiday season. 

    And remember! Keep Bullet Journaling and Don’t be a Blob!

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