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10+ Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas + How To Use Them!

by Design Team 10 Nov 2021 1 comment

Hey everyone!

My name is Icy of Eye Sea Studio, one of the Design Team Members over at Archer & Olive!

I have been Bullet Journaling for the past four years and I love experimenting with different weekly spread templates. These are one of my favorite things to experiment with in my bullet journal set ups! 

What are weekly spreads?

Weekly layouts are basically an overview for each week of the month. Weekly journal spreads can include things like: to do lists, goals, habit/activity trackers, and/or if you’re into doodling and calligraphy like me, I like to draw and hand letter within my weekly spreads.

In my personal experience, bullet journaling really is about trying out different weekly spreads and finding which ones work the best for you. Another thing I also like doing with my weekly designs is using different ones for each week of the month. Sometimes I use up to five different weekly spreads for one month! Doing that encourages a lot of creative flow and I highly encourage you to try that too!

In this blog, I will show you 11 easy to do and minimalistic weekly layout ideas. Most of which I personally use and also commonly see in the bullet journal community.

What materials do I need?

I am currently using an A5 dotted notebook, however, if you would like to use a different sized journal, feel free to adjust the weekly boxes accordingly.


For minimalistic weekly spreads, I would use just a regular black pen but if you’re feeling creative, feel free to use different colored pens. The Archer & Olive Acrylograph Pens and/or Caliograph Pens are perfect to add doodles or calligraphy to your weekly spreads!

What are some weekly bullet journal spread ideas I can use?

Idea One

weekly spread one

This spread has eight big boxes on the weekly page. I particularly like this one because it gives me a lot of room to write a paragraph or two about my day. I like writing a lot so this is what I commonly use in my own bullet journal.

Idea Two

weekly spread two

The boxes in this layout are positioned towards the center, and I like this layout mainly because it gives me room to add doodles or calligraphy on the empty spaces. Feel free to add a calendar, a to do list or decorate the page with washi tapes or stamps!


Idea Three

weekly spread three

This weekly spread idea is similar to the previous one but the boxes are positioned towards the outer parts of the pages. Again, let your creativity run wild with things to do with all the empty space!


Idea Four

weekly spread four

Similarly, this is a variation of the last two examples but the boxes are positioned on the left side of the pages. The empty spaces are yours to decide on what to do with them, sky's the limit!

Idea Five

weekly spread five

If you need less space than I do, I think this example would be great for you to try! Instead of having one weekly spread in two pages, you can have the weekly boxes in one page per week.


Idea Six

weekly spread six

This is similar to the first example where the boxes are large, except in this one, the boxes are laid out vertically. 


Idea Seven

weekly spread seven

The idea with this example is to split the pages in upper and lower halves and putting the weekly boxes in a row on the upper half. Similar to ideas two, three and four, feel free to use the empty space for creativity!


Idea Eight

weekly spread eight

Like the previous idea but the weekly boxes are on the lower half of the page and the empty space for everything else you might want to add are on the upper half.


Idea Nine

weekly spread nine

Judging from the Archer & Olive Instagram, I feel like this is a weekly layout that Bonnie uses a lot! The days of the week are drawn in vertical boxes in a row across the two pages of the weekly spread. I like this layout because it gives me a lot of room to write about my day, and would recommend it to people who like writing a lot!


Idea Ten

weekly spread ten

This one is a variation of the previous idea where the boxes are still vertically drawn but I’ve placed them in alternating “up and down” patterns along the weekly page.


Idea 11

weekly spread eleven

Same with Idea Ten, this one still has the vertical boxes but they are diagonally positioned. The first three boxes are running from the top to the bottom of the page diagonally and the next three boxes run from the bottom to top diagonally.


Click the link below to watch the video on how I made these weekly spreads

Which are your favorites among the examples?

These are only some of the many other weekly bullet journal spreads you can try! I encourage you to find as much inspiration and ideas from as many sources as possible! The Archer and Olive Design Team Members are great sources of inspiration as they all have different styles!

Free Printable

Feel free to download the printable below so you can keep a reference with you!

weekly spread printable

Show us your work and tag us on Instagram @archerandolive and, and also use the hashtags #AOShare and #archerandolive

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1 comment

25 Aug 2022 Blanca Lara

Thanks for these ideas. They Will come in handy.

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