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20 Fitness Spreads to Keep Your New Year Resolutions All Year Long

by Ambassador Team 24 Nov 2022 0 Comments

Hey all! @erinflotodesigns here with some fitness bullet journal spreads to help you keep your fitness resolutions all year long. At the beginning of every year, many people will set resolutions like: be healthier, workout more, exercise, go to the gym and more. One of the ways you can help keep these resolutions is to use your bullet journal to make the things you want to do a habit and continually check in with them throughout the year. So today, we are going to be looking at 20 planner spreads for your bullet journal that will help you set your fitness goals, check in with those goals, and continuously log throughout the year in your bujo so you do not fall into that resolution rut. 

Fitness is a big passion of mine. I even did a strength training set up for my birthday month in 2022. So let’s look at some spreads that may help you with your goals.

But first, here are the items you will need:

  • Archer and Olive Journal - I have used both a regular dot grid notebook and the Amy Tangerine x Archer and Olive Dated Planners in the past and have loved using both to meeting my fitness tracking goals.
  • Fineliners - I love the Sakura Microns and the Muji Gel pens personally. The Microns are great if you want to highlight over without smudging using our next item..
  • Calliograph Markers - I honestly love these so much for bringing pops of color, highlighting every other line in my journal, or using them to color code my graphs
  • Decorative Elements (optional) - I love adding stickers, washi and more to bring some design to my pages
  • Resolutions! - If you want to keep your fitness resolutions, I hope you are making them!

Setting Fitness Goals and Checking In

The most important thing you can do is set your goals or resolutions for the beginning of the year. This will help you set your focus, have a written log to hold yourself accountable to those resolutions, and be able to reference them throughout the year. In this page, I have set one goal for each focus area: yoga, strength training, hydration, running, and overall measurements. In this example, I include icons to bring an extra doodly element but these can be easily substituted with stickers, washi, craft paper and more to align with your theme.

5 Fitness Goals with Icons

Setting goals is important, but so is checking back in with those goals. Check in quarterly or monthly by assessing each goal or resolution with a few basic questions. For example, did I meet my expectations? What is working for this goal? What challenges am I facing related to this goal?

Quarterly Goals Check In With Questions

Accomplishing Your Fitness Goals and Rewarding yourself

In addition to setting your fitness goals, we are interested in celebrating accomplishments. One of the things to help you keep your resolution is to constantly celebrate all of the little things that are happening while you are working out. The two examples I use in this spread are hitting a personal record in the amount of weight you can squat or closing your rings (move, exercise and standing rings on an Apple Watch) for an entire month. You get an award on your Apple Watch for doing this so why not include it in your bullet journal as well? Celebrate yourself all year long and you’ll see a full page of amazing accomplishments at the end of the year! And once you’ve met some of your accomplishments, consider creating a reward system. I would do things like buying new running shoes or taking a nice hot bath.

2 Fitness Accomplishments With Icons

Fitness Rewards Map - Boxes With Stars

Annual Workout Tracker

This next spread is a year in pixel with a twist. You first start by numbering 1-31 on the side. Next you extend each month down by the amount of days there are in each month, i.e. January has 31 days versus February that has 28 days. For this particular spread, I used 2 boxes per day because I do multiple kinds of workouts in a day. Then I color code for the type of workout I am doing, such as running, yoga, strength training, or other. Then simply mark in the workout you did for each day in the year. I don’t know about all of you, but I always feel a sense of fulfillment by having something to fill out each day and having something complete to look at by the end of the year.

Year In Pixel With Color Coded Workouts to Log Daily Through the Year

Try It Once Fitness Bingo

I absolutely adore filling out bingo pages. I have done many self care bingos in my bullet journal and I wanted to make this fitness bingo special by including selections that are not the most common fitness activities, like participating in a 5K, boxing, or taking a spin class. 

Fitness Bingo with 25 Spaces

We have a downloadable printable for this fitness bingo you can get here (a blank version and a filled version). Have fun trying new things! You never know how changing it up can make you fall in love with fitness over and over again throughout the year.

fitness bingo template


Monthly Challenges

To me, there is no better way to reinvigorate your fitness resolutions than to do monthly challenges. In these spreads, I have an example of a simple monthly challenge layout, a list of 12 challenges that you would assign throughout the year, and an Apple Watch challenge to close your rings for an entire month. There are three rings that represent the move goal, exercise goal, and standing goal. 

31 Monthly Boxes for Burpee Challenge12 Fitness Challenges with Headers for Each Month

31 Boxes for Monthly Challenge and Color Coded Apple Watch Rings

Running and Miles Logs

In the next two spreads, I’ve included tracking your milage. The first is a Miles to Mordor where you would track all of your miles when running, walking, biking, and swimming throughout the year until you reach 1,779 miles which is the amount of miles it took Frodo to get from the Shire to Mordor. For our fantasy friends, there is also an app that you can track with challenges. You can also track your overall running statistics if you are trying to become a better runner. The same can be done for other types of workouts like biking. 

1779 Miles To Mordor With Boxes for Each 100 Miles

Running Log With Every Other Line Highlighted

Workout Schedule

The best way to be consistent, at least in my experience, is to make something a habit and create a schedule. I love to have a consistent workout schedule. But occasionally I would also need to have an alternative schedule when I am traveling or going into the office. So I’ve also left room for a workout by day and alternative schedule.

Strength Training, Cardio and Alternative Schedule for Each Day of the Week

Workout Trackers For Each Month

Check in each month with these different kinds of workout trackers. The first is a workout and ratings tracker where you can compare your mood and energy level with the type of workout you do and include a comments section to see how it may have impacted your workout. 

Workout Log with Mood, Energy, Workout Type and Comments Sections

The next is a tracker that color codes the type of activity you do with the amount of time of the total workout. I love a tracker like this to show how well-rounded a workout can be.

Bar Graph with Each Workout Color Coded and the Time for Each Workout

The next is a sleep, mood and exercise graph. This is such a good workout log to see how your sleep and moods correlate with the quality of your workout. 

Line Graph with Daily Color Coded Plots for Exercise, Mood, and Sleep.

The last is a large monthly calendar to write down the specific exercises you complete on that day. You could also write the body part you are working out the amount of time of your workout. 

31 Days in a Monthly Calendar With Specific Exercises, Such as Dumbbell Press

Seasonal Workouts - Summer of Hikes

If you find yourself falling into a rut with your resolution, why not change things up? Hiking is one of my favorite things to do because I get to reconnect with nature and be healthy while doing it. This tracker is perfect for logging the hikes you are doing, the length and difficulty of the hikes, and the elevation gain for those hikes. 

Hiking Log with Trail Name, Miles, Elevation Gain, and Difficulty

Workout Recovery

Recovering from a workout is equally important to having an effective workout. Make sure you are taking rest days (or active rest days) and having a post-workout recovery meal. One of my favorite ways to do that is to have protein shakes so having a page with my favorite recipes to refer to is perfect!

Recipe for Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Banana Protein Shake and Image of Mixer

Body Statistics

This spread is another great page because working out isn’t just about the scale. In fact, if you are strength training, you’ll find the scale going up even if your body has toned because muscle simply weighs more than fat. So tracking your measurements each month can show you overall body changes better than any scale can. 

Large Grid to Log Various Body Statistics for Each Month

Why Are You Working Out?

One of the most important things to do when trying to keep your resolution is to remember why you are doing it? For me, I think being healthy for me and my family is extremely important. So creating a scrapbooking page with my animals, boyfriend, and family would keep me motivated to continue when I am tired or plateauing or feeling down about my workouts. Always keep the why in mind.

Collage or Scrapbook Page with Quotes and Space For Photos

I hope these 20 bujo spreads gave you inspiration to set your fitness resolutions and goals and check in on them throughout the year. By the end of 2023, you are going to make yourself proud! Watch the video below to a full talk through of these spreads and download the printables for your own fitness bingo spreads!

Tag me @erinflotodesigns, @archerandolive, and on instagram and use the hashtag #aoshare so we can see your creations!

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