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2021 Yearly Calendar Spread Tutorial

by Guest Blogger 24 Dec 2020 3 Comments

Hi friends, Adrienne from @studio80design here to share my 2021 Yearly Calendar Spread! The new year is almost here and now my bullet journal is ready!

Materials you’ll need:


Step 1

For my calendar, I wanted to use the Archer and Olive Paper in my bullet journal, so I tore out a few pages from the B5 Kraft Dot Grid Notepad to use!

Step 2

Next, write out each month and dates on the Kraft paper using the Tombow MONO Drawing Pens. Each month square I made 9x9 squares. 

Step 3

Cut out each of the month squares and place them onto your bullet journal pages in the placement you want them.

Step 4

Use the MONO Power Mini Glue Tape to to apply adhesive to to the back of each square and place them onto your pages.

Step 5

Cut out more Kraft paper and write “2021” and “Calendar” and adhere them to the top of your pages! 

Learn how to create this 2021 Yearly Calendar in your bullet journal with Adrienne from @studio80design! 

You can continue to decorate or add elements to your calendar however you like! I like my spread to be more simplistic! For more inspiration like this make sure to follow me @studio80design! And make sure to use studio10 for 10% off any Archer and Olive product!

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28 Apr 2021 Mel Harris

Wish my handwriting were as precise as this! Nice job!

28 Apr 2021 Mel Harris

LOVE this! You did a great job. Thanks for the idea!

15 Jan 2021 Petra

Very inspiring ♥ I’ll definitely try it out :)

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