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5 Dutch Door Weekly Spread Ideas

by Maria Irina 26 Feb 2020 0 Comments

Hello, Masha here from Masha Plans.

Today we are talking about something very fun - dutch doors! And no, I don’t mean stable doors like any normal person would think, but little doors you can create in your journal by cutting some of the pages.

Yup, you read that right! I said cutting your Bullet Journal pages!

But wait! Don’t run away from me in panic!! It’s fine! You can actually cut your notebook without any significant damage to it, and with lots of advantages. So just stay here for a moment and let me explain.


You can call a spread Dutch Door if it consists of several pages and the page in the middle is partly cut out.

It’s pretty hard to explain so check the image below for an example.

Bullet Journal, blackout book, dutch door, weekly spread, weekly log, archer and olive, masha plans

In the Bullet Journal community, dutch doors are usually used for the purpose of creating more space in your usual spreads.

The usual size for a Bullet Journal is A5, and even though it’s, mostly, quite enough, there is only so much you can fit on an A5 page. Dutch door spreads, on the other hand, provide you with that little bit extra space you need to fit it all!

Today, I want to share with you 5 ways you can use this technique in your Bullet Journal weekly spreads. There is also a video of me setting up those pages if you want to see how I cut the journal.


First, of course, let’s go over the supplies I used.

A5 Archer and Olive Notebook - since the goal of Dutch doors is creating more space, I decided to use my smaller notebook to demonstrate it.

Don't forget to use my code MASHA10 to get 10% off if you decide to order anything from Archer and Olive.

Zebra Mildliners - I went for very simple designs and added a spark with my favorite colors - Zebra Mildliners. I used both brush pens and highlighters.

Paper scissors - of course since we are cutting the journal we need to have some good scissors. I just went with simple paper ones I had at home.

Precise scissors - when it comes to cutting close to the binder, it’s always better to have smaller scissors at hand. I use what I was told are embroidery scissors, worked perfectly.


Here they are! I’ll be adding two-three images for each weekly so you can get the idea, but really it’s better to see them actually flipping, so be sure to check that video at the end of the post.

1. Simple Weekly

This is probably the least damaging Dutch door weekly and the easiest to pull off. So if you’re a beginner- maybe start here.

It’s all pretty simple - just cut half of the page in the middle, you don’t even need to cut close to binding.

Bullet Journal, weekly spread, weekly log, dutch door, archer and olive, masha plans, zebra mildliners

When you create this spread, be sure to think what information you’d like to always see, disregarding on which side you have the flop open.

For me, I wanted to see my to-do list and my weekly events, so that’s what I added on the sides that are always seen.

Bullet Journal, dutch door, weekly spread, weekly log, masha plans, archer and olive

2. Daily - Weekly

This kind of weekly spread is perfect if you need more space for your daily logs but still want to have a weekly overview.

After you cut all the unnecessary parts you end up with hand a page dailies but also a weekly overview on the top, where you can add any deadlines of events.

bullet journal, weekly log, weekly spread, bujo, archer and olive, masha plans, dutch door

When creating this spread, be sure to count exactly how many pages you want to cut!

I know a lot of you might be worried about the binding. Don’t be.

First of all, it’s quite difficult - almost impossible - to physically cut it off so much that it breaks.

And if you’re still worried - just find some white transparent tape to secure it. Or maybe, you can even use washi tape for it and make it a part of your weekly design.

bullet journal, weekly log, weekly spread, dutch door, dutch door weekly, archer and olive, masha plans

3. Meal Plan Weekly

Another way to use a dutch door in your weekly spread is by adding there extra information you don’t have space for, like a meal plan.

bullet journal, weekly log, weekly spread, dutch door, dutch door weekly, archer and olive, masha plans

Again be careful how many pages you’ll need to cut off, and how many daily boxes you’ll need to create!

When you watch the video, you’ll see that I actually got carried away and created an extra daily box instead of a meal plan. I fixed it by turning it into a weekly to-do list.

masha plans, archer and olive, bullet journal, bujo, weekly log, weekly spread, bujo weekly, dutch door, meal plan

4. Month Long Dutch Door

Do you ever use tags in your BuJo? It’s really such an easy way to find information!

bullet journal, weekly log, weekly spread, bujo weekly, dutch door, archer and olive, masha plans

Well, you can use the same technique in your Bullet Journal weekly spreads. Just cut off the side of your weekly spreads a bit to create the tags on each. And you’ll end up with a very easy way to go through your weeklies.

bullet journal, weekly log, weekly spread, dutch door, bujo weekly, archer and olive, masha plans

5. Decorative Dutch Door

Bullet Journal community wouldn’t be itself if some people wouldn’t come up with creative ways of using dutch doors.

One of them is to add more decoration to your weekly spreads.

Simply add any designs and drawings your wish in the middle of the page and cut it following the drawing outline. It looks so cute!

bullet journal, bujo weekly, weekly log, weekly spread, masha plans, dutch door, archer and olive

As for the opposite side of the flop, feel free to use it for some extra information, or maybe decorate it as well.


Finally, here is the video of me setting up all those pages.

I hope you enjoy and learn all you need to start creating Dutch door spreads in your own Bullet Journal.

Are you inspired to create Dutch door weeklies in your Bullet Journal? If you do, be sure to tag me and @archerandolive on Instagram, we’d love to see your creations!

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling and Don’t Be a Blob!

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