5 Easy Bullet Journal Spreads for Beginners

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Welcome back! Today we are covering one of the really tough things about being a beginner in the journaling world! It can be sooooooo overwhelming seeing all the spreads that look amazing, and there you are, starting day one, not sure where to start! 

Well fret not! We have created some of the easiest spreads for you to try and adapt for yourself, as you start out you want to keep things simple and easy, then add on to your spreads as you become more practiced.

Hi, Nicola here from My Inner Creative, talking to you today about keeping things simple and easy. Stripping those spreads back to the very basics! 

We don't need many tools today, a pencil, ruler, pen and highlighter is all you really need to get all of these things underway!

I have included a video to help you along! 


Simple easy spread 1:

  • All you need to do here is measure out 7 even blocks (Monday to Sunday)
  • Draw in the days of the week using your highlighter
  • Use your pen to create a border around the letters
  • Box in the dividers by creating lines up and across the page
  • Add the month you are in and the days 
  • DONE!

Simple easy spread 2:

  • This time, again using your 7 even spaces
  • Draw in the days of the week using your highlighterUsing your highlighter, draw a line up the lefthand side of the page
  • Use your pen to underline the days and leave a space for "to do" up at the top!
  • DONE!

Simple easy spread 3:

  • We are now going to head in to a double page spread
  • I started by creating some space on the left for my week aheads priorities
  • I then went through and divided both pages into 3 even spaces.
  • I made a one line box and highlighted the space
  • I popped in the days of the days of the week and the dates
  • I then made a little calendar down the bottom left to keep track of where I was
  • Finally I created a little to do list up in the top left
  • DONE!

Simple easy spread 4:

This is probably the easiest, and what I like about it is that you can change the height of the boxes to match how busy you might foresee a day to be!

  • First I started with dividing the page up roughly to accomodate the "6" day week. Here It was 6 because I used weekend instead of Sat/Sun
  • I went and wrote the days of the week over the lines I had created
  • I popped a little habit tracker below the Wednesday.
  • Then down the righhand side I made a place for notes and a little to-do list.
  • DONE!

Simple easy spread 5:

I wanted to add a little flourish to this one, and by flourish I really just mean I had some extra washi tape to get rid of.

  • Divide your page much like spread 1 and 2 into 7 even spaces
  • I used my spare washi tape across the top of the page for my "flourish"
  • I wrote the days of the week down the side 
  • On the right hand page, I made a space for my to-do list, events and priorities
  • I used the highlighter to make sure i could see the days of the week! 
  • Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
  • DONE!


  • Hi Divina; I use both Jaydens apple and Ink by Jen G stencils for this :)

    Nicola on

  • Those rulers are really nice. What do you call those and where can i get t?

    Divina on

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