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7 Creative Ways To Use Kraft Paper In Your Bullet Journal

by Nabaa Afridi 22 Aug 2019 1 comment

Hello and welcome back! If you've been following me over on @whimsical.doodles, you'll have noticed I absolutely LOVE using kraft/brown paper in my bullet journal! Being super thin, it works great to create a "collage" type spread without bulky additions to your journal. Kraft paper can be used in a variety of spreads - daily/weekly layouts, trackers, cover pages, and more!

archer and olive bundles

For my August cover page, I decided to stick to a more "simple" spread. It's been a very busy few weeks and I figured I'd do a simple and easy to follow theme. Enter kraft paper! Combine that with some quick and easy floral doodles, and we have an easy cover page!

Kraft Paper Theme Bullet Journal

If you'd like to recreate this yourself, here's what I used to create this cover page -

I used gouache to illustrate these florals. I absolutely love using paint in my journals but you could use your favorite way to add in colors! To help you draw the flowers, download my FREE practice printable over on my last blog post here! For a closer look at how I illustrate my drawings, check out this post here!

Once I had the florals drawn in, I cut out a small piece of Kraft paper for the month title! I find that adding the Kraft paper elevates the entire theme!

There are an endless number of ways to use kraft paper in your bullet journal and while we may not be able to cover them all let's take a look at more creative ways to use kraft paper in your journal -


1.  A classic combination of Black, white, and brown! I absolutely love using this color palette - easy but super pretty! Here are a couple of great examples:

Kraft Paper Bullet Journalling

Created by @whimsical.doodles

Bullet Journal with Kraft Paper

Created by @giulliasacco


2.  Using Kraft paper to create weekly spreads. This is a pretty fun and easy way to add in Kraft paper to your theme. Use a white pen to write on the Kraft paper!

Using Kraft Paper in your Bullet Journal

Created by @jagodapisze


3.  Kraft paper for headers? Yes, please! You can use Kraft papers for borders, weekly headers, or for tracker headers!

Brown Theme Bullet Journal

Created by @lonely.notes

Kraft Paper Header Bullet Journal

Created by @whimsical.doodles

archer and olive reviews


4.  Another great way to use Kraft paper is to create "hidden compartments"! How cute does this spread look! I absolutely love the idea of the mini envelope.

Kraft Paper Bullet Journal Theme


5.  I also love using Kraft paper to create little lists or notes in my journal spreads!

Using Kraft Paper in Your Bullet Journal

Created by @whimsical.doodles


6.  As monthly cover page titles like the created for this fun lemon theme spread!

Bullet Journal Theme

Created by @whimsical.doodles


7.  You can even combine Kraft paper with washi tapes and colored paper for an easy collage theme!

Kraft Paper Bullet Journal

Created by @bujodanaty


And there you go! I hope you've enjoyed reading this and have been left feeling inspired! Do you use Kraft paper in your journal? What's your favorite way to use it? I would absolutely love to see your creations! Remember to tag me using #whimsicaldoodlesfeatures!

archer and olive bundles





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1 comment

18 May 2020 Annie Thompson

Love the kraft paper, with black stamps..sooo pretty, simple, but gorgeous.

Thank you for sharing..

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