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Bullet Journal Monthly Log Ideas + Inspiration

by Design Team 08 Sep 2021 1 comment

The Monthly Log is a core collection page of the Bullet Journal method. This core collection page usually consists of a calendar page and a task page. The left side covers the days and dates of the month, with the right page open for monthly tasks, notes, and migrated items. But like most things with the Bullet Journal method, everyone has a different take on their monthly pages. 

I’ve seen monthly pages done in a few different ways. Today, I like to break them down into 4 themes and types with you, and show some very cool examples. 

  1. True to Form 
  2. Calendar
  3. Monthly Creative Cover Page
  4. Hybrid Creative + Functional

Depending on your journal style and monthly needs, you can adopt any of these types into your own journal. If you are unsure what you need,  I always say to try them all and see what you like.

Let’s break each of these 4 types down and show you some examples.

True to Form

This is the standard Bullet Journal method, as taught by Ryder Carroll. The left page lists out the days and dates of the month 1st thru 30/31. When you start this page, you want to pull items from your future log into this page. You can write in any specific dates you need to remember, tasks you need to do, or other events you want to be aware of. This page is very helpful for planning each week, as you pull the important things from this monthly page into your daily or weekly pages.

simple monthly

Credit @Menwhobullet 



Depending on your journal / planner style, perhaps you like a more common monthly calendar overview. This more standard approach includes breaking down your journal pages into 7 days a week vertically and 4-5 weeks horizontally. Once you create your calendar boxes, you add your tasks and dates to the appropriate box. Here are a few examples of calendar pages. 

block monthly

Credit @Erinflotodesigns

simple monthly

Credit @Bujowithcherry


Monthly Creative Cover Page

A monthly creative cover page is most usually just a visual page to introduce a month in a bullet journal. These set up a monthly theme that a journaler will be keeping throughout the month. The designs and styles vary from the minimalistic month name to very ornate and designed pages.  Here are some examples from some of my favorite bullet journal accounts.


cloud monthlyCredit @Plslars

painted monthly

Credit @planamate


Hybrid Creative + Functional Monthly Pages

These hybrid approaches mix the best of all worlds. It takes the creatively designed pages and mixes them with a functional approach. These are honestly some of my favorite pages to create. Here are some of my own, along with some others.

patterned monthly

Credit @Journal_at_woodstock

simple illustrated monthlyCredit @Menwhobullet

pineapple monthly

Credit @Menwhobullet

There is no truly right or wrong way to take on your own monthly pages. Much like journaling, your journal is the reflection of yourself. Be sure to represent yourself and your style. Try different things to see what you might like and find your own style and path.

And here's a cover page for you to download:

monthly cover page

See how I created this cover page in my simple video:

Looking forward to seeing your different styles and approaches to your monthly pages. 

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1 comment

21 Oct 2021 Blanca Lara

Thanks You for this información.

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