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How To Start A Creative Journal For Your Mental Wellness

by Ambassador Team 12 May 2023 0 Comments

Do you use journaling as a tool for when you feel overwhelmed? Perhaps you use a creative journal as a way to unwind? Maybe you are looking for somewhere to collate positive affirmations and quotes? Are you seeking an opportunity to use your collection of washi and stickers?

Take a look at this idea using an Archer & Olive journal and/or coloured notepad to create a positive wellness journal.

Stack of coloured notepads and a journal

Hello, it’s Alex (@TheJournalCorner) from the Archer and Olive ambassador team.  Today I am going to share how I have created a positivity journal full of affirmations and hopeful quotes. I will give you some examples of different pages to try and also include a printable you can access later in this blog.

Supplies needed

Collection of Pink colour paper, washi, stickers

 This is a great chance to use washi and stickers from your collection!  You will also need:

  • Archer & Olive journal - white dot grid or add paper from a coloured notepad
  • A selection of coloured pens like these spring calliographs 
  • Washi and stickers  - I love these from the spring release
  • Items from monthly kits like washi, stickers and coloured paper
  • A selection of images, letters or phrases collected from magazines or newspapers
  • A tape runner or glue stick
  • Scissors 

Coloured notepad with selection of pens

If you are looking to purchase anything from Archer & Olive, please use ‘Alex10’ to save 10%. This is an affiliate link, so it allows you to support creators like me too.


Step 1 - Collecting materials

Collection of magazines and stickersThis journal is going to be full of elements that will make me smile and create a positive frame of mind.  Before I started adding anything into my journal I collated the supplies I wanted to use.

I cut out images from newspaper and magazines though you could print photos or text too.  I also found quotes, phrases and words that resonated with me and saved these.  You may have positive quotes arrive with orders in the mail or on cards received from a friend.  Keep all of these together until you are ready to add to your journal.

I have also taken a look through washi and stickers I have been collecting but not found a place to use yet.  The Archer & Olive monthly kits are great for any as yet unused washi, stickers but also coloured paper. 

Step 2 - Plan any themes or topics you want to include

Cuttings of images and text from magazinesThis will be different for everyone but have a think about what areas you want to include because they make you feel more positive about things.  For example, getting outdoors always inspires me so I would certainly include some pages with a nature theme.

You may want to decorate a page with just quotes or positive affirmations you love or dedicate pages to images you find calm in.  

I collated any materials collected into groups by theme and chose calliograph pens ready for any additional phrases I wanted to add of my own too.


Step 3 - Create the Spreads in your journal

I am going to take you through 6 of the examples I created which hopefully will inspire you to have a go at making your own pages for positive wellness.

Red journal page with 40 and added stickers and imagesThe first was created as a way to remind myself of all the positive things turning 40 has meant and that I deserve time to rest and recharge. Perhaps you have goals for the year in mind or things to aim for and could create an encouraging page.  

Green journal page with image of tree trunk and words get outside I probably associate being outside in nature as the best way to improve my mood and feel more positive.  I used images from magazines, stickers from the Archer & Olive spring release and monthly kits to add natural touches to these pages.  They act as a reminder of the peace and positivity I can find in the outdoors, perhaps on a day when time doesn’t allow that escape.

Green journal page with images of nature and associated stickers and washiI have also used the calliographs for these pages to add my own phrases.  This is something I definitely recommend if you have not found quotes or words that you particularly relate to in any magazines or newspapers.

yellow journal page with phrases relating to finding calm and peace Some days can be overtaken by chaos and I may feel like I need to escape for a moment and breathe.  Glancing at this page of affirmations and reminders will hopefully help me get through any overwhelm and give me a more positive outset.

Bright blue paper with sea and mountain images and ‘escape’ and ‘paradise found’ wordingOver the past few years, I feel I have lost my sense of adventure but hope to plan more trips again soon.  I am filling this page with inspiration for travel and any trips we have to look forward to.  

Red journal page decorated with images of bunting, a blue lemon and paint paletteIn the final example I have started a page to inspire creativity and give myself permission for my hobbies and passions.  I find such positivity doing things I enjoy but often feel guilty spending time away from the daily chores.  Looking at this page may help remind me of what I love to spend time doing and encourages me to make time for them.

Step 4 - Using your positive wellness journal 

This is a journal that should be kept easily accessible so you can refer to it quickly and easily for a boost of positivity.  Hopefully you can fill it with reminders, quotes and images that give you hope and lift your mood on a difficult day.

It is also a work in progress - you can save stickers or magazine clippings and add to it throughout the year.  It is also a great excuse to use stickers and washi you love and want to keep somewhere to enjoy.

Image of journal with a rain bow and let your colours shine text, 2 coloured notepads below

Video - creative inspiration for your planner.

You can watch me actually create and talk through these examples in more detail in my video here.

Positive Wellness Journal printable 

This printable includes a list of ideas for a positive wellness journal.

free printable template



I hope you have found some different ideas to try in a journal today. Whether white dot grid or using coloured notepad paper, you can create some positive pages to help your mindset.  Perhaps you have stickers and washi you haven’t been using that much and can pick up and use with purpose. For more journal inspiration come and say hello @thejournalcorner. We always love to see your creations, so please tag @archerandolive or use #aoshare on Instagram.

For more journal inspiration for mental health take a look at Temi’s blog with spread ideas to pick you up.  There are plenty of other ideas to use coloured paper too or try painting a positive quote.  Journaling is so beneficial for mental health, take a look at more ideas to get create here

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