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Creative Ways To Use Washi Tape In Your Bullet Journal

by Ambassador Team 06 Jan 2023 0 Comments

Hi! Neus @miss.meissa here, and today I’m going to be showing you 7 bullet journal washi tape ideas.

So if you've ever wondered about washi tape uses or how to use washi tape in bullet journal, read on. And if you are not into bullet journaling, these ideas with washi tape can also be used to decorate notebooks, for your planner, to make handmade cards, scrapbooking or even organizing craft supplies.


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1. Create washi tape swatches

Neapolitan notebook witch washi tape swaches

The first idea I share with you is to make swatches of your washi tapes. This will be very useful if, like me, you are one of those who collect lots of washi tapes.
For doing this, you only have to cut a piece of each washi tape as a sample and stick it in your notebook.

In the photo I show you the swatches of the washi tapes of the Archer and Olive advent calendar. It is a collection of 7 washi tapes so I have calculated the space on the page to see them all together and I have written next to the number of the box that contains them. This way I can keep them in their boxes and know where they are stored.
You can make the swatches as you like, but I recommend that you cut a large enough piece to see the washi pattern, especially if they have varied patterns, such as the lollipop or jelly bean pattern. 

A good idea if you have a lot of washi is to sort them by colors or collections and make the swatches in the same order. This way, when you want to use one, you will know where to look for it with just a glance at your notebook. 
You can follow a simple design like mine to make the swatches, but you can also be super creative. If you are looking for different ideas, check out this post by Marsha from Do You Salut! with a bunch of Washi Tape Swatch Ideas.

2. Use washi tape to add a bullet journal dutch door

Bullet journal dutch door

The second way to use washi tape in your bullet journal that I'm going to show you is to use it to add a dutch door to your notebook. A dutch door in a bullet journal is a smaller inner page.
This idea is great if you want to add extra space to your bullet journal because this way you won't have to cut pages out of your notebook, you are going to add them in.

To start, you have to cut out a separate piece of paper the size you want your dutch door to be. I'm going to add half a kraft colored page from my neapolitan notepad.

Next, measure a strip of washi the length of the page, although I recommend cutting it a little longer and then trimming off the excess.
Carefully place your extra paper in the center of the spread and attach it with the washi tape strip, trying to place it right in the center, between the notepad page and the new one.

Once it is well stuck, do the same on the other side. Cut the remaining tape and you have your dutch door.

If you want more dutch door ideas, don't miss these blog posts:
What are dutch doors and tips to creating them by Hayley Remde
5 dutch door weekly spread ideas by Masha Plans
Sunflower dutch door painting by by Adrienne Castleton

3. Make washi tape banners to create a bullet journal spread

Washi tape banners in bullet journal spread

The third idea I'm going to show you is one of my favorites. I saw something similar some time ago on Linda's @my_bujolife instagram and I've wanted to make my own washi tape banner page ever since. 

The idea is to use the washi tape as the shape of the banners, cutting out strips for the center part of the banner and two smaller strips for the sides. If you want, you can shape the sides by cutting out a triangle on the inside, so that it looks like a flag. 

And, in fact, you can also make flags or garlands using washi tapes, just use your imagination!

You can trace the banners with a fineliner to give them more detail, and paint the backs with markers. I have used a Calliograph in a color similar to the washi for this.

In the picture you will see that I have made a complete spread as an example, to show you many different types of banner designs. But you can also use just one or two of them to decorate or write dates on your bullet journal or planner, for greeting cards or even for lettering artworks. 

If you are going to make a full page like me, I recommend you to make a quick sketch first to distribute them. Follow the dot grid in the notebook to stick the different parts of the banner. As washi tapes usually have the same width of several squares, depending on how wide they are, it's very easy to calculate the space and stick the pieces correctly. 

And if you want to use my sketch just download the printable at the end of the article.

4. Use washi tape to help you with double lettering

Double lettering using washi tape

This is a lettering idea that works great for headings and dates. 

First you have to stick a strip of washi tape carefully on the part of the notebook where you want to write your text. This washi tape doesn't have to be your favorite, because we are going to remove it later (although I love the one I used).

If you are afraid that the paper will be damaged when you remove it, a trick is, before sticking it on the paper, stick it carefully on your pants (if you wear jeans or sweatpants) and then peel it off. This way it loses a bit of adhesive and then peels off better. But it still has to stick well on the paper or it won't work. 

Once the washi tape strip is stuck, we write the word on top, making it stand out enough. The important thing is that there is enough lettering outside the washi so that the word can be understood when we remove it.

You can also decorate the lettering. I like to make a line as a shadow.

Once the word is finished and the paint is dry, carefully lift the washi. I recommend doing it diagonally and slowly so as not to damage the paper. 

Double lettering in a bullet journal

When you remove the washi tape you are left with a space where you can write the same or something different. I have written the day of the week in large text and inside the month and year.

5. Use washi tape to create a monthly calendar spread

Bullet journal monthly spread

Another great way to use washi tape is to use it to create a monthly calendar spread. 
The washi tape strips will serve to separate the weeks and also to decorate. 

I recommend you lay out the space first in a quick sketch, so you know where to separate the weeks and days. You can also use my design by downloading it in the printables section at the end of the article.

In the example I show you, I have used two of the washi tapes from the December subscription box: the smaller one and the bigger one.

Once you have divided the space, you just have to cut strips the width of the week and stick them on top. You can do it in two parts, dividing the washi tape where the pages are separated, so that when you close the notebook the washi tape doesn't bend, or you can cut the whole strip if you prefer.

You can also decorate other parts of the spread with washi tape. In this example I used the wider washi tape to decorate the bottom part of the calendar. 

As the elements I have used are from the same subscription box, the colors already match each other, but you can also use contrasting colors, use different colors for each week or even make a rainbow. 

In this example I have also used small circle stickers for the numbers, but you can also write them directly on the paper.

If you want more ideas for calendars you also have these two articles on the blog:
Start your Bullet Journal: How to Draw a Monthly Spread Calendar by Whitney from @lifebywhitney
Rainbow Monthly Calendar in The BLACKOUT Book by Adrienne Castleton

6. Use washi tape to attach photos, postcards or cards to your bullet journal

Bullet journal spread with photos and postcards

Probably the easiest and most obvious idea of all, but no less useful: you can use small pieces of washi tape to attach your photos, cards, illustrations, other colors of paper and anything else you can think of.

In the example, I have designed a Valentine's spread, with a photo, one of my lettering postcards (“to infinity and beyond” in Spanish) and a secret note. 

The first thing I have done is to place all the elements without attaching them, so I know where I want them to be, and then I have fixed them with a small piece of washi tape.

If you want to make a secret note like me, it's as easy as cutting out a piece of paper and attaching it with washi on one side only. This way you can lift it up and write something underneath that will be covered by the piece of paper. I used a black sheet from my Neapolitan notepad and decorated it with a fake calligraphy lettering. 

And what I have written under the little sign is of course a secret 😜

7. Make washi tape dividers in your bullet journal

Washi tape dividers in a notebook

And finally, another super easy and quick idea. We are going to place washi tape on the edges of some pages to use them as section dividers. 

This is as easy as cutting a strip of washi tape a little bit longer than the page and stick it along the edge through the middle of the tape. 

Follow the line formed by the dot grid as a guide and stick it just a little bit at the beginning in case you have to peel it off. And if it's okay, fix it by applying more pressure.

When one side is properly stuck, carefully fold it over and stick it on the other side.

Now all you have to do is carefully trim the corners and you're done. 

You can do this on all the pages you want to decorate your bujo or just on some specific pages to separate them from others. For example on the first page of each month. And it looks super pretty and colorful.
I hope you liked all these ideas. If you want, you can see how I did them in this video:

And here are the printables as promised. Click to download now:

Bullet journal spreads printable

Thank you for following this article. 

I hope you were inspired by these ideas. If you post yours on your socials, you can tag me @miss.meissa, @archerandolive and so we can see them. And don’t forget to add #AOShare and #archerandolive 😊

You can see more of my creations and videos on my Instagram and Youtube accounts or on my website.

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