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May 2021 Free Calendar Printable

by Design Team 01 May 2021 1 comment


Hi Friends. Happy May! Here is the free calendar printable for you this month. I hope it can help you get ahead on your monthly planning and maybe even track some journaling prompts...

If you don't know already, May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Therefore, I wanted to do something really special. You may have seen over on my Instagram, but I launched something I've been working on for so long - & You

I just wanted to again say thank you so much for the AMAZING response to this launch. As one of my core values, Mental Wellness is extremely important to me, and the whole team here at Archer and Olive. It has warmed my heart reading everyone's stories this week about how journaling was helped them and their mental health. 

To continue the celebration of Mental Wellness Month, I am also doing daily prompts in the Facebook community group. Come join me there!

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1 comment

08 Jul 2021 Christina

What a wonderful calendar :) thank you so much for thinking of us!! Have a lovely weekend

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