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Habit Tracker Idea For Your Bullet Journal

by Liz Gray 26 Jul 2020 0 Comments

Hi friends, it's Liz from @thegraytergood here with a habit tracker idea for your new year. One of my goals is to exercise and move my body in some way every single day in 2020, so I created this graph that you can use for whatever your goal is. I know that a year long habit can be very intimidating for some people, so feel free to use this and scale it back to create monthly or even weekly trackers for your own personal use. :) 





If you'd like to recreate this spread, here are the dimensions I used:

  •  "Move It" is 6 squares tall and 26 long (the entire page length)
  • The tracker header begins on the 7th square from the top and is one square tall by 22 squares long (with 2 squares for spacing on either end)
  • The column of numbers to indicate the days of the month are on the very left row with one row in-between them and the tracker columns
  • Each month is one square wide with one row between each for spacing

It was a little bit time consuming to plan out this spread, but once I had everything sketched out with my pencil it was just a matter of filling it in. I recommend doing all the lines that go one direction with your gel pen + ruler and letting those dry before you do all the perpendicular lines. 





I hope y'all enjoyed this habit tracker, and be sure to tag me on Instagram @thgraytergood if you recreate this spread or put your own spin on a habit tracker. :) 



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